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Student life

Opportunities for involvement, career services, help with technology and getting you certified or licensed are among the many ways you'll receive support outside of the classroom as a Warner School student. There are also myriad university resources that support your needs. 

Guides, resources for obtaining certification or licensure

Hardware, software, computer IDs, VPN, wireless, IT security

Online tools, workshops, consultations for career needs

EDI resource toolkit, EDI library, diversity education training

Student organizations, affinity groups, student life support

Ceremonies, celebration toolkit, events            

Services designed for your health and well-being.

Professional support services for your mental health needs.

Support for students in need of accommodations. 

Other university services

On-campus and off-campus living arrangements for grad students.

Parking permits, shuttles and mass transit information. 

Student ID cards for new students and replacements. 

Immigration and documentation support, employment.