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Technology support

As a Warner School student, there are many resources to guide you through using University and Warner technologies. 

Account IDs

You have two or more accounts depending on your roles at the University including a NetID,  Active Directory account, and possibly a URMC Active Directory account. Accounts are typically synchronized when you change the password through My Identity. You also have to setup and maintain Duo Two factor authentication for each of your accounts. 

Active Directory ID

Active Directory is your domain account at the University, used to log in to computers, UR Student, Blackboard, the UR_Connected wireless network, Office 365, and other applications. AD accounts are automatically issued when you enroll. 

Net ID

Your NetID is a universal account that everyone is assigned that generally matches your Active Directory ID. Your Net ID is used for accessing UR Gmail, VPN, and Zoom.  

Tech services

Email accounts

Students who are admitted to a Warner School program must complete the URGmail request form before they can use their URGmail account. The account also gives students access to Google apps and Google Drive for storing files. 


The University uses three wireless networks, each with unique features or availability depending on where you are on a University campus. 

Virtual Private Network

Access to selected Library resources and some campus computer services is protected by VPN. By installing and configuring the campus VPN client on your computer you can gain secure access to on-campus resources.  


In addition to free antivirus software for all students, the University's security resource page provides information on protecting all aspects of your digital life. To protect the computer files associated with research, the University hosts UR Research, for securely saving files and project collaboration. 

Computer hardware, software

University IT provides discounted computer and software purchases for students. Explore the options available to you.