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At Warner, our relationship with alumni and friends is important to us. We hope that you remain an active member of the Warner community and a lifelong partner in our mission to transform lives and make the world more just and humane.

What's New?

We want to stay connected! What have you been up to professionally and personally?

Warner graduate holding flowers and diploma

Distinguished Alumni Award

Recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of fellow Warner School graduates.

Alumni Services 

Alumni Insurance Program, Rochester Alumni Exchange, R Club, etc.


Support the University’s Together for Rochester Campaign

Experience Rochester

A series of online events created to bring the very best of Rochester directly to you. Expand your knowledge and fulfill your intellectual curiosity through Experience Rochester.

The Meliora Collective

An online platform for alumni, students, and the University of Rochester community that fosters professional exploration throughout the various stages of life.

Meliora Weekend

Save the date for 2023

Mark your calendars for October 5-8