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Warner Mission and Learning Outcomes

At the Warner School of Education and Human Development, we believe that education can transform lives and make the world more just and humane. Our purpose is integral to the University of Rochester's mission of Meliora — to make the world Ever Better. Our learning outcomes are in service to Warner’s mission as we support students to:

BECOME practitioners and researchers who are knowledgeable, reflective, skilled and caring educators, who can make a difference in individual lives as well as their fields, and who are leaders and agents of change.

GENERATE and disseminate knowledge leading to new understandings of education and human development, on which more effective educational policies and practices can be grounded.

COLLABORATE across disciplines, professions and constituencies to promote change that can significantly improve education and support positive human development.

Our diverse work in each of these domains is informed by the following underlying beliefs: the improvement of education is in pursuit of social justice; development and learning shape and are shaped by the contexts in which they occur; the complexity of educational problems requires an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach; and best practices are grounded in research and theory, just as useful theory and research are informed by practice.

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Exterior photo of LeChase Hall

LeChase Hall

LeChase Hall is the home of the Warner School of Education. It is a light-filled space for research, collaboration, teaching and learning.

River Campus

The Warner School is located on the River Campus, a few miles south of the urban center of the city of Rochester, NY and situated along the scenic banks of the Genesee River.

Rochester, NY

Rochester is a vibrant city, with a welcoming community, affordable housing, and rich intellectual and cultural resources. In 2022, named Rochester the “Most Neighborly City in America.”

Turn Research into Real-World Results

Centered in one of the leading research universities in the world, we advance the knowledge, skills and experiences of our graduates and faculty to lead change in the fields of education and human development. With more than 65 years of field-defining leadership, our commitment to inquiry and innovation means we’re creating a future that’s ever better.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We foster a learning community that represents and builds on the rich diversity of human experiences. Whether through responsive teaching or innovative research, we focus on providing equitable, accessible and effective learning for all, as well as enabling future generations to provide the same experience.