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Why the Warner School of Education?

At the Warner School of Education, we learn, innovate and collaborate to better the lives of all in our communities. From education leadership, policy and practice to health professions education and counseling, our programs prepare graduates to address today’s challenges in education and human development ­— and lead change for all.

Centered in one of the world’s leading research universities, we cultivate the knowledge, skills and experiences to transform what’s possible in our fields. For more than 65 years, we’ve been advancing ideas and innovations in areas including digital learning technologies, professional development, urban education success, mathematics education reform and many more.

To drive breakthrough insights and life-changing impact, we consider the whole person in all that we do, from community and cultural context to physical, mental and social health. As a Warner student, you will experience programs tailored to your background, needs and goals, from evening courses that allow for part-time study to small class sizes and mentorship.

You will also gain tools to put our whole-person approach into practice, working together with your peers to understand the root causes of challenges and uplift solutions that strengthen every aspect of education and well-being.

We believe advancing education is the key to a more just and equitable world ­— and the Warner School is where you’ll shape your own way to make our future ever better.