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Finances, billing and aid

There are many opportunities available to help you pay for your education and manage your financial needs. Loans, scholarships, assistantships provide funding support, while the University Bursar's office helps you with payment options for any uncovered expenses.  

Graduate student support

Additional financial support resources for all University of Rochester graduate students. 

Frequently asked questions

Contact the Financial Aid office to explore loan programs that meet your needs. Your financial aid package that was awarded upon admission to your program offers the latest scholarships that are available through Warner. Your employer, if you are working, may also have employee assistance programs for you to explore. 

Pay your tuition and fees through UR Student. Choose Finances under your applications to view your balance, make payments and select a payment plan. On the right-hand side of the screen, choose View Account Activity to see a detailed statement or to download your invoice.. If you have questions about your bill or need additional assistance, contact the Bursars Office at (585) 275-3931 or

Previous account charges become due on the 10th of each month. To avoid late fees and holds on delinquent accounts, pay your bill promptly or enter a payment plan agreement. Notifications will be sent via email to your home email address and can sometimes be categorized as spam. To avoid any late charges, log into UR Student to check your charges, even if you do not receive an email.
To sign up for a payment plan, log into UR Student and look under Payments. You can choose the plan that allows for you charged in two installments. If you have additional activity that changes your balance, UR Student will recalculate your installments within a business day. Once a semester, you will have to sign up for a payment plan in UR Student after your charges have been assessed.

Please review Tuition and other costs

The tuition rate generally increases by approximately 3-4 percent each year.

If your employer pays your tuition but cannot pay on time, contact the Bursars Office at (585) 275-3931 or

If paying with a check or money order, make the check payable to the University of Rochester and include your Student ID on the check or money order to ensure correct processing. Mail your payment to:
University of Rochester
Office of the Bursar
330 Meliora Hall
PO Box 270037
Rochester  NY  14627

If you require a receipt or verification of tuition payment for reimbursement or other reasons, contact the Bursar's Office at (585) 275-3931.

The University always tries to accommodate student requests and needs but there are many things that factor into the decision. You should start by contacting the international student financial aid advisor in Financial Aid to review your situation and to explore the options available to assist you. 

If you have questions regarding the University of Rochester employee tuition benefits process, contact the Office of Total Rewards. You should wait until one day after registration to apply for benefits, and you have to apply within 30 days of the course start date by logging into HRMS and navigating to Self Service > Benefits > Tuition > Apply Employee Tuition Waiver.

Refunds may be available but the amount depends on the date you withdraw from your class(es). Review the Refund Policy


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