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We’re committed to helping you make your graduate education more affordable. Last year, we awarded more than $6.5 million in financial support to our students. In fact, every applicant is automatically considered for the merit-based scholarships for which they’re eligible during the admissions process.

Scholarships are awarded to offset tuition costs. The scholarship amount is determined at the time of admission, usually in the form of a percentage that will be waived out of the tuition charges incurred each semester. For master’s and advanced certificate students, this percentage is guaranteed for the expected timeframe for completion of the program, provided you are making good academic progress.

Scholarships can be used to supplement other external scholarships or employee tuition benefits the student may be eligible for. However, these other sources of financial aid must be disclosed in advance and must be credited before any scholarship is applied.

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Byron Williams Teaching Scholarships

Guaranteed 65% tuition savings

Public schools have high needs for exceptional teachers. And the learners and families served by those schools benefit from the cultural and experiential diversity that Warner’s certified teachers bring to their communities. To advance these goals, all graduate students beginning a master’s program in teacher education leading to New York State teaching certification are guaranteed a minimum 65 percent tuition scholarship at the point of admission to the program.

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Designated Leader Scholarship

Teachers or school leaders seeking Building Leader Certification or District Leader Certification in New York State may be eligible for a scholarship that covers 65 percent of Warner School of Education tuition costs.

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Urban Teaching and Leadership scholarship program

Teaching for Social Justice in Urban Schools

The Urban Teaching and Leadership (UTL) Program provides a unique opportunity for prospective and experienced educators to have a profound impact on the future of urban education.

Scholarships for Rochester students

Rochester Urban Fellows/Rochester Youth Year Fellowship Scholarships

Students who have successfully completed the Rochester Urban Fellows Program or the Rochester Youth Year Fellowship and have earned admission to any of our master’s program are eligible for these partial-tuition scholarships – covering one-third of tuition costs. Up to a total of 50 such scholarships will be awarded.

Special agreements with regional Colleges

If you are a graduate of a college in the Rochester region, contact our Admissions Office to explore whether you’re eligible for special scholarships.