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In pursuit of Meliora

Meliora. It's an interesting word. Latin. Pronounced Mel-EEE-ora. But what does it mean? Stated simply, it’s our motto and the heart of our mission: To make the world Ever Better.

Coupled with a drive for social justice, the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education is making education just that - Ever Better. 

Here, we don’t just teach – or generically teach how to teach. And we don’t research for mere discovery’s sake. Instead, we have the difficult conversations. We probe where others won’t. We embolden our students – and ourselves, to seek profound change through education, counseling or human development.

Where others see discomfort or insurmountable odds, we see a path worthy of our journey. Indeed, we are tireless in our pursuit.

We learn better. We teach better. We discover better. Ever Better.

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