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In pursuit of Meliora

Meliora. It's an interesting word. Latin. Pronounced Mel-EEE-ora. But what does it mean? Stated simply, it’s our motto and the heart of our mission: To make the world Ever Better.

Coupled with a drive for social justice, the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education is making education just that - Ever Better. 

Here, we don’t just teach – or generically teach how to teach. And we don’t research for mere discovery’s sake. Instead, we have the difficult conversations. We probe where others won’t. We embolden our students – and ourselves, to seek profound change through education, counseling or human development.

Where others see discomfort or insurmountable odds, we see a path worthy of our journey. Indeed, we are tireless in our pursuit.

We learn better. We teach better. We discover better. Ever Better.

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We don’t just teach — we engage

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Over 6 million awarded
795 total enrollment
Assessment of teaching skills: 100%
$7.6M total financial support

Points of pride

Research and national leadership

Human development faculty wins academic award for article on aging research
$3 million NSF Noyce grant supports the development of exemplary teacher leaders for urban schools
Educational leadership professor receives prestigious FBI award
Alumna serves as Framingham State University’s president
Bringing artificial intelligence into high school STEM classrooms
Literacy education professor at the Warner School receives prestigious educators award
Teaching & curriculum professor honored by national education group
Educational leadership faculty member wins national award
Faculty discover ways for research to thrive during the pandemic
Human Development faculty lead study on informal science learning participation for youth with learning disabilities
Interdisciplinary team collaborates on NSF-funded study of the creative design process at the human-technology frontier
Math professor leads NSF study to support ambitious mathematics programs in high-need schools
Fulbright Scholar reflections: Professor forges new connections in Indonesia
New book focuses on the success of New York State’s opt-out movement
Uncovering the impact of trauma, mentorship on college student development
Sankofa Communiversity: Embracing a safe space for building a vibrant Rochester community
New study lays out benefits of using sarcasm in urban high school classrooms
Professor wins major NSF award to help students with learning disabilities thrive in STEM fields
Grant allows professor to explore adolescents’ political thinking and learning

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