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From camp counselor to school counselor: Alumna cultivates social-emotional growth among students

Headshot photo of alumna Amy Elbogen

Amy Elbogen ‘23W (MS), a testament to the transformative power of education, hails from Long Island where she was nurtured in a household dedicated to education and service. Her educational journey, which commenced with a human services degree from the University of Delaware, supplemented by minors in education and disability studies, was a stepping stone to her profound growth. Before her path led her to the Warner School of Education, Elbogen amassed a wealth of experience, from summers as a camp counselor to internships in elementary schools, all of which ignited her passion for education.  

Choosing to pursue a career in school counseling, Elbogen enrolled in the master’s program at the Warner School, driven by a desire to mirror the profound impact her own school counselor had on her life.

“Warner, with its strong belief in advocating for the mental health needs of elementary students, was a natural fit for me,” she shares. “What truly drew me in was not just the program's reputation but also the warm embrace I received from Bonnie Rubenstein, the program advisor. Her insights into the myriad of opportunities available to Warner students, both within the school and in the wider Rochester Community, sealed the deal, making me feel valued and welcomed.” 

Warner's emphasis on leadership development and its Urban Teaching and Leadership advanced certificate also resonated deeply with Elbogen’s aspirations. 

She recalls constant opportunities to step outside of her comfort zone and delve into topics in leadership, facilitated by her advisor, who supported her pursuit of an advanced certificate in Urban Teaching and Leadership with just one extra course. “I always felt safe and supported when discussing new topics and ideas that I knew would make me a better school counselor,” Elbogen says. 

Today, she proudly serves as a school counselor in the Rush-Henrietta School District, offering support to students in grades 4 through 6. At the core of her role lies a dedication to fostering social-emotional growth and academic success. Drawing from her Warner experience, Elbogen seamlessly integrates engaging social and emotional lessons, conducts data-driven small group sessions, and leads Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiatives. 

From crafting bulletin boards to orchestrating school-wide social and emotional contests, Elbogen’s efforts are focused on empowering students to overcome challenges and thrive. She credits Warner for instilling in her the importance of taking risk-taking and evidence-based practices, equipping her to spearhead initiatives that leave a lasting impact on the lives of her students. 

“As an alumna of Warner, I remain committed to embodying the school's ethos of advocacy, leadership, and excellence, shaping the future of education one student at a time,” she adds.