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folch-torresBeatriz Folch-Torres
Trained as a dancer since the age of six, Beatriz M. Folch-Torres led classical ballet classes in high school and then as an undergraduate at the University of Puerto Rico, her native country, to help pay for pointe shoes. She was going through a couple pairs a week, and they were expensive.

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melioraMasters of a New Universe
With a new degree program in New York City as well as new degrees in health care and technology, Rochester aims to meet the needs of students looking for master's level education.

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Graduate Programs in Health Professions Education

The Warner School offers an innovative master’s program in health professions education for professionals such as doctors, nurses, clinic personnel and others who want to develop skills in teaching and learning. This program will make you a more effective teacher, whether you are, or want to become, a faculty member in a school of medicine, dentistry or nursing; a clinician participating in the training of the next generation of professionals; a health professional who occasionally trains newcomers on the job or offers professional development; or a practitioner interested in teaching your clients about health promotion. By developing an understanding of how people learn and what can support their learning, your teaching efforts will have a far greater impact.

This program has been developed for all health care professionals involved in health care education, whether academic or clinical. It is a true interdisciplinary program, designed by and offered through a collaboration of the Warner School of Education, the School of Nursing, and the School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Rochester. It has been tailored to meet the needs of educators working in the context of the health care system.

At the core of the program are three specialization courses specifically created to address issues and pedagogical methods in health care education. These three courses, all co-taught by faculty from the three schools and designed to be taken by students as a cohort over the course of one year. As such, they have an unusual schedule. (Contact the program director for more information.)

With only five required courses, this program permits maximum flexibility in designing an individualized course of study. Through electives, students could, for example, broaden their knowledge related to their area of practice, taking courses in such diverse areas as early childhood development, disabilities, aging, academic leadership, adolescence, counseling, or any number of other areas. Students also have the option for independent studies in ongoing medical or health care education research, or in curriculum reform with faculty in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, the School of Nursing, or the Warner School of Education.