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Take a course before applying

Advance your career, or pursue one of your passions by taking a course as a non-matriculated student before applying or being admitted to a program.

You may take as many courses as you'd like, but no more than nine credit hours can apply toward program requirements if you apply to a degree or certificate program.

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Recommended courses: Spring 2024

All programs

ED 516 Designing and Evaluating Professional Development
Monday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person OR Online w/synchronous sessions)

EDU 442 Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in American Education
Monday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

EDE 497 Black Girls and Women in Education
Monday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

ED 406 Master’s Research Methods
Tuesday 4:50-7:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions) OR
Thursday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

EDE 495 Critical Race Theory
Tuesday 7:35-10:15pm (In Person)

EDU 446 Entrepreneurial Skills for Educators
Wednesday 8:15-9:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

EDE 437 Diversity and Equity in Health Professions Education
Thursday 8:00-9:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

EDE 484 Online Teaching and Learning
Thursday 8:15-9:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

EDE 422 Motivation in Human Development
Online - Asynchronous

Teaching and Curriculum 

EDU 498 Literacy Learning as Social Practice
Tuesday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

ED 480 Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
Tuesday 7:45-9:15pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

EDE 498 Integrating Computer Science Standards Across the Curriculum
Wednesday 4:50-7:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

EDE 453 Post-Secondary Transition for Youth with Significant Disabilities
Online - Asynchronous

Counseling and Human Development 

ED 457 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristics & Educational Issues
Monday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

EDU 470 Multicultural Perspectives in Counseling
Tuesday 7:35-10:15pm (In Person)

ED 418 The Family and Social Dynamics
Wednesday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

EDU 514 Mind/Body Approaches to Healing Chronic Pain
Wednesday 4:50-7:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

ED 425 Minority Youth Development in Urban Contexts
Thursday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

EDU 454 Career Counseling and Development
Thursday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

ED 429 Theories of Human Development
Thursday 7:35-10:15pm (In Person)

Educational Leadership 

ED 413 Student Affairs Administration: Academic Support Services
Monday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

ED 437 Diversity and Equity in Higher Education
Tuesday 4:50-7:30pm (Hybrid)

EDU 407 Curricular and Instructional Leadership
Tuesday 4:50-7:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

ED 461 The Politics of Education
Wednesday 4:50-7:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

ED 485 College Student Development Theory
Wednesday 4:50-7:30pm (In Person)

EDU 468 Data-Driven School Improvement
Wednesday 4:50-7:30pm (Hybrid)

ED 462 Managing School Resources
Thursday 4:50-7:30pm (Hybrid)

EDE 466 Educational Legal Theories and Policies
Thursday 4:50-7:30pm (Hybrid)

ED 456 Leadership and Special Education
Thursday 4:50-7:30pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

ED 475 Leadership and Management in Higher Education
Thursday 7:45-9:45pm (Online w/synchronous sessions)

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