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About online programs

Experience the convenience and flexibility of earning your graduate degree or advanced certificate from the Warner School with our fully online programs. Crafted by the same dedicated faculty who teach on campus, our online courses ensure you will receive an exceptional learning experience no matter your location. Join us from anywhere and enjoy the same high-quality education as students on campus.

What to expect

High-quality online learning experiences: Warner online programs and courses have been designed to ensure that they employ best practices for teaching online and create optimal learning experiences.

Faculty experts: Accomplished faculty have received training to create online courses and teach online and continue to be supported by leading online experts.

Dedicated support staff: We have dedicated technology staff ready to support students and faculty with technology problems they may encounter.

List of Fully Online Degrees & Certificates

We offer graduate degrees and advanced certificate's that can be completed entirely online.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our online degree and advanced certificate programs are fully certified and carry the same level of excellence as those earned in a traditional classroom. Additionally, our fully online programs maintain the same admissions standards, curriculum, and graduation requirements as our campus-based programs. The primary difference is the delivery method. Our fully online programs allow you to choose from an array of online course offerings — both required and elective courses — that make it possible to complete the program exclusively online, if desired.

If you are enrolled in an online program, you still have the opportunity to complete a course in person, provided that you can travel to campus. However, there are a few steps you will need to take, including to first contact your advisor. Since the courses are the same, it will not affect your program. 

Yes. Tuition is the same as if you were taking courses on campus. Our online courses are taught by the accomplished faculty who teach on campus, so you will receive the same level of academic rigor and quality as you would in person. 

Yes, financial support is available to students in online programs. However, the type of aid you qualify for depends on various factors. You can explore options such as scholarships and financial assistance to make your graduate education more affordable while ensuring a high-quality graduate school experience. We encourage you to explore available financial support opportunities.

No, it will not. All Warner online graduate degrees are approved to be offered in an online setting and are at the same level of excellence as those earned through in-person attendance. The University of Rochester will grant your diploma, and you will proudly become part of a distinguished alumni community.

Your instructors are the same esteemed professors who teach on campus. They are known around the world for their teaching and research. As a member of the Warner School community, you will learn from leaders in their respective fields who are working on important research projects and initiatives. They will serve as your educators, advisors and mentors—mirroring the experience you would have in an in-person learning setting.

While not all Warner programs are available in a fully online format, online versions of many courses are available and can be applied to Warner degree programs. We recommend visiting the program page for the specific degree you're interested in to explore the available online learning choices. This will help you identify the flexible learning options that best suit your preferences and schedule.

If you have additional questions, please refer to our general FAQ page or contact the Admissions Office

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