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Online Teaching

We welcome applications on a rolling basis. The next priority application deadline is November 1, 2024.

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Program Overview

Pre-COVID-19, online courses were already growing in the United States and around the world, yet during the pandemic they became a necessity for most institutions. And it’s not likely we will ever fully go back to the previous situation, as we can expect the demand for online courses to dramatically increase now that most students have directly experienced this new modality, and many institutions have invested in it. As we move forward to a “new normal” in education, we need teachers, specialized staff, and instructional leaders who can ensure quality delivery of online and digitally-rich instruction.

The Warner School is among a select few schools of education across the country to offer programs that will teach you the strategies and skills necessary to design and implement learning experiences that leverage online and digital learning in a variety of instructional settings. You can also choose among multiple options to fit your context and career goals.

Key Program Features

  • Combining Theory and Practice: Includes both coursework and practicum experiences focusing on how to teach online and how to capitalize on digital technologies in any instructional setting.
  • Rich Experiences as Online Learners: Students engage as a learner in innovative digitally-rich learning activities – both online, and face-to-face – to personally experience their power and limitations.
  • Fully Online Option:  If desired, all required and elective courses in these programs can be taken fully online (meeting weekly in synchronous online sessions). 
  • Flexible: Program can be customized to be most relevant to your instructional setting and role, and to leverage courses taken in prior or concurrent programs.
  • Combined Program Option:  Students adding at least one advanced certificate may enroll in a “combined program” that will help secure the appropriate visa for international students and extend loan eligibility for domestic students.


  • A bachelor’s degree.
  • Content knowledge in the subject areas you would like to teach.

Scholarships, Tuition, & Financial Aid


Program Options

MS in Online Teaching and Learning

Fully online option FAQs and Expectations

The 33-credit master's degree in online teaching and learning will prepare you to teach online and/or support institutional efforts to provide high-quality online offerings. The program includes 15 credits of electives that can be customized to meet specific interests and career goals. Coursework for the master's degree in online teaching and learning.

MS in Online Teaching and Learning (combined option)

This combined program will allow you to pursue the master’s program described above concurrently with at least one advanced certificate (see list below)– thus leading to multiple credentials for only a few additional credits. The length of the combined program and its total number of credits will depend on the chosen advanced certificate(s) and other optional enhancements. This option may be especially desirable for international students interested in additional specializations and willing to devote additional time to their master’s program if needed.

Opportunities for Additional Specializations (for only a few additional credits):

Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching

Fully online option FAQs and Expectations

The advanced certificate program can be completed in 15 credits or less. This option is for anyone interested in learning how to better design and facilitate online courses, as well as use online and digitally-enhanced learning to increase students’ learning opportunities, in a variety of instructional contexts. Some choices are available to customize the program. It can be taken as a stand-alone or in addition to other University of Rochester programs. Coursework for the advanced certificate in online teaching.

None of these programs lead to licensure or prepare students for the practice of any profession in NYS. It is designed to give professionals additional insight and tools to promote Online Teaching.

Combine Certificate

While an Advanced Certificate in Online Learning is great on its own, it is also a helpful and marketable complement to an existing Warner program. If you are already enrolled in or you are considering one of our programs you can add an Advanced Certificate in Online Teaching.

Recommended Courses for UR Faculty

University of Rochester faculty members can take the following courses tuition-free, thanks to generous tuition benefits and an additional scholarship offered by Warner.

- EDE486: Design and Development of Online Courses (3 credits)
- OR EDE472: UR Faculty Online Course Development (3 credits)
- EDF488: Online Teaching Practicum (3 credits)

These courses are designed specifically for faculty who are actively developing and revising an online course, and most of the “homework” in this program will apply directly to this work.

Customize Your Degree

Our degrees are designed to meet your interests and career aspirations. Whether you want to add an advanced certificate or specialize in a distinct area of emphasis, we can help craft the best option for you.

We welcome applications on a rolling basis. The next priority application deadline is November 1, 2024.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our programs in online teaching will be well prepared to assume teaching, leadership, or faculty support positions across diverse industry segments. In addition, pursuing a degree or certificate in online teaching  concurrent with your current Warner degree program will significantly improve our graduates ability to influence and impact policies, projects, and academic offerings from school districts, institutions of higher education, not-for-profit organizations, or companies.

Recent graduates of our degree and certificate programs in online teaching have secured opportunities as online instructors, policy analyst and educational researcher,  instructional designers, and faculty support  at not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions. 

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Program Director

Eric Fredericksen

Professor (Clinical), Associate Director Center for Learning in the Digital Age

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