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Doctoral in Teaching

EdD deadlines

We welcome applications on a rolling basis. The next priority application deadline is July 15, 2024.

PhD deadline

Applications for PhD will open Fall 2024.

Full and partial assistantships

Online learning options

Full-time or part-time options

Program overview

Whether you want to become a teacher educator or faculty in higher education institutions, pursue a leadership role in the teaching profession, or contribute new knowledge about teaching and learning, Warner’s flexible doctoral programs in teaching will help you achieve your goals.

We invite you to check out our doctoral programs, and see how you can benefit from the expertise and support of faculty involved in cutting-edge research and innovative education reform projects, while pursuing your specific interests.

Warner School PhD and EdD programs can be easily customized to meet your specific career goals and interests related to teaching and curriculum. Whether you are interested in specializing in specific subject areas, focusing on a specific age group, or pursuing more general topics like urban education, learning in the digital age, or health professions education, just to name a few, Warner will work with you to help you achieve the goals for your doctoral program.

Key program features

  • Minimum Credits:  90 graduate credits; some of which can be transferred from previous programs (up to 30 credits for PhDs; up to 36 credits for EdDs).
  • Customizable: With only six required courses, it’s easy to choose electives in your specific areas of interest, tailor projects in most courses, and most importantly select your dissertation topic.
  • Choice of Research Methods: Benefit from a vast array of research methods courses, and choose from a variety of research methods for your dissertation.
  • Exciting Research Opportunities: Warner faculty are always working on exciting research and reform projects that provide opportunities for apprenticeships as well as interesting contexts for your dissertation.
  • Flexible: Programs can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis, starting in any semester; minimum one year full-time residency requirement for PhD students only.


  • Prior preparation and experience as an educator.
  • Prior master's degree highly desirable; most students will have already completed a master's program.

Scholarships, Tuition, & Financial Aid

Many of our full-time doctoral students benefit from full and partial assistantships to support their studies while gaining valuable career experience at the same time. 


PhD in Education with Concentration in Teaching, Curriculum and Change

Prepares graduates for academic positions in universities and other higher education settings, as well as research positions in government agencies or other educational organizations. View coursework for the PhD in Education with specialization in teaching, curriculum and change. 

EdD in Teaching & Curriculum

Prepares and supports experienced educators for leadership positions in their field, as well as selected higher education faculty positions; can be completed on a part-time basis while maintaining full-time employment.  You can choose among two options to complete the same program requirements.

Choose our accelerated EdD option, featuring a highly structured, faculty-supported, and cohort-based approach that utilizes an action-research study related to your job, that can be completed in as few as three years by taking coursework in a prescribed sequence. Alternatively, opt for the traditional EdD option, which offers more flexibility in dissertation methodology and pace and typically takes longer to complete.

Customize your degree

Our degrees are designed to meet your interests and career aspirations. Whether you want to add an advanced certificate or specialize in a distinct area of emphasis, we can help craft the best option for you.

EdD deadlines

We welcome applications on a rolling basis. The next priority application deadline is July 15, 2024.

PhD deadline

Applications for PhD will open Fall 2024.

Career opportunities

Warner EdD graduates hold positions such as teacher leaders, department chairs, and curriculum coordinators in K-12 schools; faculty and program directors in a variety of teaching and community colleges; clinical faculty at research universities; as well as other faculty and academic leadership positions.

Warner PhD graduates hold tenure-track and clinical faculty positions in a variety of higher education institutions, including research universities in the United States and abroad as well as faculty positions at four-year colleges, community colleges, and specialized professional schools.  Many have pursued academic leadership positions, becoming successful program directors, chairs, and deans at their respective colleges and universities.  Some graduates pursue less traditional positions, including roles with not-for-profit education organizations in areas involving program development and evaluation.

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Key program faculty

Nancy Ares
Foundations of education; diversity in education

Raffaella Borasi
Math education; teacher education; learning in the digital age; entrepreneurship in education

Jeffrey Choppin
Math education; teacher education

Mary Jane Curry
Academic writing; TESOL

Michael Daley
Science education; learning in the digital age

Samantha Daley
Disabilities; inclusion; special education

David Hursh
Foundations of education; policy; elementary education; social studies education; diversity in education

Jayne Lammers
English education; learning in the digital age; literacy learning

Joanne Larson
Literacy learning; elementary education; urban education; diversity in education

April Luehmann
Science education; teacher education; learning in the digital age; informal learning

Kevin Meuwissen
Social studies education; teacher education

Martha Mock
Disabilities; inclusion; special education; early childhood education

Hairong Shang-Butler
TESOL; academic writing

Carol Anne St. George
Literacy learning; teacher education

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