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Early Childhood Education Master's

The next application deadline is June 1, 2023.

Guaranteed 50% scholarship

Online learning options

Teach the school year following enrollment

Program overview

Few careers give people the opportunity to impact individuals and their communities like teaching.  Can you think of a specific teacher who made a difference in your life?  Would you like to become that kind of teacher?

The first years of a child’s life are the most formative and impactful. Warner will prepare you to become an innovative early childhood educator, committed and able to help all your students learn and grow.

Our teacher preparation programs offer the shortest path to New York State initial and professional teaching certification

Key program features

  • Meets all coursework and internship requirements for both initial and professional New York teaching certification: In addition, you will need to pass the required state exams and complete the teaching requirements for professional certification.
  • Shortest program:  Preservice teachers can complete the program in 15 months of full-time study (if starting in summer); certified teachers seeking additional certification in early childhood may require less time.
  • Focus on Early Childhood and Elementary Education: Includes two courses focusing on young children’s learning and development as well as elementary methods courses in each of the four core content areas; all internships are taken concurrently with at least one of these courses.  
  • Focus on teaching all students: Includes courses on diversity, students with disabilities, and English language learners; these required courses may be transferred in for certified teachers.
  • Option to add specializations: With only a few additional credits required, you can pursue additional state certification to also teach up to 6th grade or in inclusive classrooms, or advanced certificates that can strengthen your effectiveness with diverse learners and make you more marketable.

Prerequisites (as required by NYS)

  • Undergraduate degree in a liberal art (BA) or science (BS)

Scholarships, Tuition, & Financial Aid

Byron Williams Teaching Scholarships guaranteed 50% tuition savings


Certification options

Choose a certification to earn in addition to your degree.
What certification do you need? Learn more

For Certified Teachers in Areas Other than Early Childhood Seeking Certification in Early Childhood

Fastest path; as few as 10 credits, including specialization courses plus 50 contact hours of field experiences and one student teaching experience.

34 credits, including 50 contact hours of field experiences and one student teaching experience; also leads to New York professional teaching certification in your original area of certification.

This program leads to the following NYS Certifications:
Professional teaching certification in the original area of certification
Teaching in Early Childhood Education (birth to grade 2) (initial + professional)

Professional Certification

(30 credits) Our most flexible option, including 12 credits of electives.

(30 credits) Taking online courses can reduce trips to campus in half.

To be able to also teach elementary students up to grade 6 (requires 32 credits including field experiences).

To be able to better serve your students' diverse learning needs and to teach in inclusive classes (requires 35 credits including field experiences and one student teaching experience).

For Preservice Teachers with No Prior Teaching Certification

MS in Early Childhood Education -  On it's own or combined with advanced certificates. If you are interested in working with young children (birth to 5 year-old), in a variety of contexts such as daycare or private pre-school programs.

Customize your degree

Our degrees are designed to meet your interests and career aspirations. Whether you want to add an advanced certificate or specialize in a distinct area of emphasis, we can help craft the best option for you.

The next application deadline is June 1, 2023.

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Take a course before you apply

Take a course before you apply to one of our programs for a highly discounted price. Some credits also apply toward degree requirements.

Related certificates and degrees

Related Advanced Certificates

Opportunities for additional specializations with minimum additional credits required.

  • NYS Certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities
  • Advanced Certificate in Urban Teaching and Leadership
  • Advanced Certificate in Digitally-Rich Teaching
  • NYS Certification in TESOL
  • New York Certification in Childhood Education

Related degrees

  • Master’s in Early Childhood Education Without Certification
  • Master’s in Human Development (with Specialization in Early Childhood)
  • Doctoral Programs Focusing on Early Childhood Education
  • GRADE Program for Undergraduate Applicants

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