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Teacher is supporting a student with down syndrome

Leadership in Disability and Inclusive Practices Advanced Certificate

Applications open September 1, 2023

Build into your degree

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Collaborative program

Program overview

This certificate will prepare competent and effective K-12 school leaders, teacher leaders, and those intending to pursue K-12 school leadership to meet the needs of students with disabilities in inclusive classroom settings.

The Center for Disability and Education at the Warner School of Education is pleased to offer the Advanced Certificate in Leadership in Disability and Inclusive Practices.

The skills gained through this program will equip participants to better serve all students in their schools and act as agents of change to systems or policies that inform the implementation of inclusive practices.

The Advanced Certificate in Leadership in Disability and Inclusive Practices is ideal for school administrators, school counselors, teacher leaders or those in the field of human development as a potential pathway to K-12  school leadership. It may also be of interest to those wanting to deepen their knowledge and skillset to better meet the needs of students with disabilities within educational settings.

Earning this graduate certificate will allow participants to:

  • Fully comprehend the complexities of special education policy and law, especially the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
  • Utilize current best practices and methods to educate students with disabilities in the general classroom and plan for successful transition.
  • Understand how K-12 school leaders can enact change to address common access and opportunity barriers to achieve positive educational outcomes.

This advanced certificate program does not lead to licensure or prepare students for the practice of any profession in NYS. It is designed to give professionals additional insight and tools to promote leadership in disability and inclusive practices.

Key program features

  •  Collaborative: This is a cross-discipline certificate through the Center for Disability and Education, the Department of Teaching and Curriculum, and the Department of Educational Leadership at the Warner School.
  •  Flexible: This may be taken as a stand-alone program or be built into a degree program. Start the program any semester and go at your own pace.
  • Build into your degree: This advanced certificate requires minimal additional credits when added into a degree program, expanding your area of expertise.


  • A bachelor’s degree.

Scholarships, Tuition, & Financial Aid


Frequently asked questions

K-12 school leaders are responsible for developing a school culture that is inclusive and actively attends to ensuring equity, building relationships based on trust, fostering collaboration, and teamwork (Tschannen-Moran, 2014). Effective instruction for students with disabilities has been a significant dimension of school improvement, and instructional leadership is considered essential for fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of quality educational leadership (Bays & Crockett, 2007).

This advanced certificate program does not lead to licensure or prepare students for the practice of any profession in NYS.

Yes, any student, in consultation with their advisor, can choose to add this certificate to their program.

Yes, some courses can be used as requirements or electives in existing programs across Warner’s degree offerings.

Yes, anyone who has already taken any of the courses in the program can transfer those credits into the program, thus reducing the required number of courses needed to complete the advanced certificate.It is possible that courses already taken in the program may be retroactively applied to the advanced certificate. Some restrictions apply so individuals should speak with the program director.


Applications open September 1, 2023

Program Director

Martha Mock

Professor (Clinical) and Director of the Center for Disability and Education

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