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Page link printed 12/10/2018

Tuition & Financial Aid

Greater Rochester Area Educators - COMPETITIVE SCHOLARSHIPS
The Greater Rochester Area Educator Scholarships – two full scholarships for area educators – will be among the most competitive and prestigious scholarships at the Warner School. These merit scholarships will be awarded as an investment by the Warner School in local educators, new and experienced, who show extraordinary promise and talent as teachers, counselors, and/or administrators.

What is the Warner School looking for in scholarship recipients?
We’re looking for potential to make a difference. We’re looking for teachers, administrators, and counselors whose educational philosophy and commitment to children and schools would be well served by a Warner education. And we’re looking for quality and character: teachers with exceptional backgrounds in their content area and a demonstrated commitment to understanding the way children learn; counselors with excellent interpersonal and counseling skills and a commitment to working as change agents within school systems; and educational leaders with a vision for building strong school communities and demonstrated success as teachers who will serve as thoughtful instructional leaders. We are also looking for educators who are committed to the Greater Rochester Area personally and professionally and who intend to serve our community’s children for many years to come.

Are there service expectations tied to the scholarship?
Yes. Scholarship recipients must serve as a Greater Rochester Area school or district employee while in the program and for at least two years afterwards. In addition, scholarship recipients agree, if called upon by the Warner School from time-to-time, to speak with other prospective students, represent the Warner School in the community, and/or serve as cooperating educators for Warner interns and student teachers.

Are there any special application procedures to apply for the Greater Rochester Area Educator Scholarship?
Yes. Applicants wishing to be considered for the full-tuition scholarship must submit an additional reference from a school or district leader, addressing the applicant’s qualifications for the scholarship, with their main application for admission. In addition, the applicant should submit a letter of scholarship interest that addresses his/her qualifications and commitment to the community and its schools and children.

What expenses are covered by the Greater Rochester Area Educator Scholarship?
The scholarship covers all tuition at the Warner School for the duration of the program. Students are responsible for books and fees, including parking and continuation of enrollment fees, if applicable.

Are there other scholarships available for students and programs not eligible for this program?
Yes. The Warner School offers a number of other attractive scholarship opportunities for students at the non-degree certificate, master’s and doctoral levels. Please consult with an admissions counselor or review the list of other possible merit scholarships available.

May a scholarship or tuition grant recipient take courses in other schools of the Universityof Rochester?
Yes, but the scholarship or tuition grant only applies to courses taken within the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

May a scholarship or tuition grant be used to support doctoral work at the Warner School?
No, not directly.  The scholarships and grants may be used only for courses in a qualified certificate or master’s program.  These programs, however, do provide an excellent foundation for advanced graduate work and may be particularly well-suited for students who have aspirations of continuing their education at the doctoral level.  In addition, students may apply to have master’s-level work transferred into a doctoral program.

The Warner School reserves the right to change the terms of these programs at any time, although we guarantee that students in good standing enrolled in the program at the time of the change will be able to continue their program to completion under the original terms.