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Tuition and other costs


Your tuition cost each semester will depend on the number of credit hours you register for that semester. To be considered a full-time student, you will need to register each Fall and Spring semester for a minimum of 9 credits; exceptions may be made when working full time on your dissertation or other culminating assessment or practicum experience. The minimum number of credit hours required to complete each program can be found in the respective program page.

Tuition rate for the 2023-24 academic year: $1,736 per credit hour
Reduce costs with scholarships
Tuition rate generally increases by approximately 3-4 percent each year

Other fees

The Warner School of Education does not add fees to the cost of your education. The only exception is the Mandatory Health Fee required by the University of Rochester for all full-time students:
Mandatory health fee (for full-time students): $780 per year

Other educational costs

If you need to use an estimate for education costs beyond tuition and fees for immigration or loan purposes, below is the official estimate provided by the University of Rochester:
Books, supplies and miscellaneous (estimate): $4,560 per year
This is an average across all programs in the University of Rochester, but the additional costs for books and supplies for students at the Warner School of Education should be minimal, as most of our courses do not require textbooks and you will have complimentary access to a computer lab where you can also print. Despite the computer access the lab provides, a personal computer is strongly recommended.
University of Rochester Health Insurance (if needed): $3,660 per year

All University of Rochester students must show evidence of adequate health insurance coverage. If you do not already have such coverage, you can take advantage of special student health plans available through the University.


The cost of living in Rochester, New York, is much less than that of other major cities across the northeast. There are many housing options located adjacent to the University, which can result in significant savings. 
If you are interested in on-campus graduate housing, you will have the following additional costs:
Room and Board (estimated): $11,970 per year

Continuation of enrollment fee

The University of Rochester enforces a Continuous Enrollment Policy that requires that all students enrolled in a degree-bearing program be registered each fall and spring until they graduate (this policy does not mandate that you register during the summer term, unless your degree program requires it):

If you need to take a fall or spring off you should apply for a leave of absence or register for:

  • ED895 Continuation of Master’s Enrollment 
  • ED995 Continuation of Doctoral Enrollment 

 Continuation of enrollment fee: $1,070