Warner Student Email Accounts

Email Accounts - Matriculated students
  • Request your URGmail mailbox  - All matriculated Warner School students are encouraged to sign up for a URGmail hosted mailbox.
    • Please use the request URGmail form to request your UR student mailbox. After your new mailbox is setup (2-3 day process), all university email will be sent to this new address.
    • The new URgmail mailbox includes access to google aps and google drive for storing documents.
    • Once you receive a reply that your mailbox is setup, please visit the URGmail support page to login and learn how to use your new mailbox. 
Email Accounts - Non-Matriculated Students
  • As a non-matriculated student, you are not eligible for a URGmail hosted mailbox. Email communications will come to you through the e-mail you provided the Warner Registrar when you completed your non-matriculated student registration form.
    • Should you wish to change your e-mail address, use the change email address form  to notify us about the change.
    • Blackboard has a separate email directory that needs to be updated independently of all other campus systems. 
The Warner School information technology resources are provided so that registered Warner School students can efficiently pursue their degrees and careers. Your use of Warner School resources should be based on the Graduate Studies Regulations, the University Email Policy and the University of Rochester IT policy, and common sense. By using University of Rochester technology resources you are agreeing to abide by these policies.  The Warner School email accounts, computers, and printers are for use only by Warner School students for school and career related activities — all other use is strictly prohibited.