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Register for courses from saved schedule

You can use the Saved Schedule feature to build your schedule before registration. If you use this feature, you’ll need to return to UR Student after the registration period opens to register for the appropriate courses.

Create a saved schedule

  • View available courses (see step 4 for directions)
  • Select a course and choose Add to Schedule.
  • In the Schedule field, choose Create a Schedule for Registration
  • Choose your active program under Academic Record
  • Enter a name for your schedule and select OK.
  • Select Choose Times to view sections. Check the section of choice.
  • Choose Graded in the Grading Basis field. To audit a course, contact the Registrar.
  • If you’re registering for a variable credit course, change the Units to the number of credit hours you want. 
  • To register for more courses, choose Add Course.
  • When finished adding courses, click Edit, Save and then Done

When registration opens, choose View My Saved Schedules. Select your schedule and type the {Term} {Year} Warner in the Start Date field. Then choose Start Registration and Register


Active directory, DUO, UR Student access – contact Technical Support.

Onboarding, holds, registration steps – contact the Warner Registrar.