As a matriculated student, you must register online.  If you have holds on your account that prevent registration or if you’re registering after the deadline, contact the Registrar for assistance.


View the Registration Instructions. If you wish to drop or add a class while online registration is open, see Dropping and Adding Courses.


The Academic/Registration Calendar contains all important dates for the current and upcoming terms.


Students may audit most classes, but should be aware of the following:

  • If you are auditing a class, you can expect to:
    • Be an observer only in class;
    • Receive no individualized instructor time;
    • Occasionally contribute to class discussions;
    • Complete no assignments (or if you choose to complete assignments, have assignments uncorrected and ungraded);
    • Receive no grade at the end of class.
  • If you wish to audit a class you must have the instructor’s written permission (e-mail is acceptable).
  • One credit-hour classes are not available for audit because seating in such classes is usually at a premium.*
  • Auditing a class does not fulfill the requirements for continuous enrollment.
  • You cannot audit a required class on your program of study and then request that you be allowed to skip taking the class.
  • If, after a few class sessions, you decide that you want to switch from an audit to a credit status, you must contact the Registrar.
  • Most employers contributing tuition assistance will not cover the cost of an audited class; you should check with your employer’s Benefits or Human Resource Office before registering for an audit.

* One exception to this practice is if you are utilizing the bundling course, ED533 Research Strategies Series; in this case you must 1) register for each individual one-hour course as an audit, 2) register for ED533 for credit; and 3) contact the Registrar to waive the audit fee(s).


Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation. After your first-time registration, the school does not provide registration confirmation for matriculated students, other than in response to an e-mail sent to the Registrar.

COURSE CAPS (Limits on Course Capacity)

The school caps course enrollment at 25 students, unless otherwise noted on the schedule. 
  • In certain popular classes or classes required for multiple degree programs, we may elect to reserve the last five spots for newly admitted students who have not had the opportunity to register sooner; if you wish to register for these classes you may contact the Registrar to be placed on a waiting list.


  • Current course schedules can be found in Programs and Courses.
  • CHANGES: The schedule changes often before a term opens. Room assignments frequently change. 
  • GUARANTEES: Until the term actually begins, information on the course schedule is tentative. On occasion we have to cancel a class and we will contact any students already registered for the course.
  • RESTRICTIONS or PREREQUISITES: These are noted in the course schedule. If you do not have the prerequisite(s) and have not received written permission (an e-mail will suffice) from either the instructor or the chair to take the class, you cannot register for the class.
  • QUESTIONS OR ERRORS:  Contact Student Services administrator or the Student Services office.


  • Check the Academic/Registration Calendar for registration dates; the Registrar will e-mail students before registration opens and again a week before it closes.
  • In general, registration for matriculated students opens two months before the term begins and closes two weeks after the term starts. Non-matriculated registration opens three to four weeks after matriculated student registration opens.


Discontinuing attendance (or starting to attend) a class does not constitute dropping the class (or adding it); you must either drop or add the class online (Drop/Add Instructions) or, after online registration closes, you may send the completed Drop/Add Form (please be sure all shaded fields are filled in) via e-mail to the Registrar for processing. The date the Registrar receives your form will be the date upon which the drop or add will be effective.

  • PROMPT REGISTRATION: Your focus should be on early registration because it allows:
    • You more choices of classes and a better assurance that you will get into the course(s) you choose to take.
    • The school to add more options should a class reach capacity early in the registration period.
    • We can possibly 1) open a second section of the course; 2) hire a teaching assistant so the instructor can accept more students; or 3) suggest alternative courses that would fulfill your requirement.
    • If you fail to register for something by the time online registration closes (two weeks from the start date for fall and spring terms), you will face a late fee. No late fee is charged in summer.
    • If you are registering after online registration closes, you must contact the Registrar to receive the hard-copy forms you must complete.
    • Should you have holds on your account preventing registration online, contact the Registrar well before the deadline to request hard-copy forms; that way, you can submit your registration by the deadline and avoid the late fee.


Discontinuing attendance (or starting to attend) a class does not constitute dropping the class (or adding it); you must either drop or add the class online (Drop/Add Instructions) or, after online registration closes, you may send the completed Drop/Add Form (please be sure all shaded fields are filled in) via e-mail to the Warner School Registrar for processing. The date the Registrar receives your form will be the date upon which the drop or add will be effective.

  • To drop a class after online registration closes, use the Drop/Add Form, but be aware that if you drop after the second class period, you will not receive a full refund, and if you have submitted a Tuition Benefit Waiver to pay for the class, whatever amount is not refunded will be your responsibility to pay. (For a detailed breakdown of refunds, see the “Tuition, Fee & Refund Schedule.”)
  • If you wish to add a course after online registration closes, you may contact the instructor for written permission (an e-mail is fine) to register for the class belatedly and then send the completed Drop/Add Form via e-mail to the Warner School Registrar for processing. You should also forward the instructor permission.


Matriculated students have a four-week early registration period when you may register online without competition from non-matriculated students. Except for newly admitted students who were not yet admitted when registration opened, no preference will be given to matriculated over non-matriculated students. 


COMMON HOLDS and Ramifications:

  • B = Bursar’s hold, indicating a past due balance*† ∗ You should contact the Bursar’s Office for details: 585.275.3931.
  • H = Financial Aid hold, indicating (usually) that you didn’t complete a loan exit interview*† ∗ You should contact the Financial Aid Office for details: 585.275.3226.
  • Q = Payment Agreement hold, indicating no current Payment Agreement is on file*† ∗ You must complete the Online Payment Agreement, if you have not already done so.
  • S = Special hold placed by Bursar’s Office*† (could be due to incorrect address on file, collections issues, etc.) ∗ You should contact the Bursar’s Office for details: 585.275.3931.
  • Y = Less than $25 outstanding† ∗ You should contact the Bursar’s Office for details: 585.275.3931.
  • Z = Parking violation hold† ∗ You should contact River Campus Parking Office for details: 585.275.3983.
  • 9 = Online Registration hold—harmless! (It simply forces you through the address screen to verify correct contact information the first time you register online)

* holds preventing registration
† holds preventing receipt of transcripts or diplomas


Some courses require instructor permission codes before a student can register for them online. On the Course Schedule, all courses requiring a code are designated with an “H” or “I” in the Notes column. In instances where an “H” appears in the Notes column, the Warner School Registrar or Student Services Assistant will provide you the codes to register. When an “I” appears in the Notes column, you must contact the instructor directly for permission.

  • Why require an code?
    • In some cases it is because the course has multiple prerequisites or restrictions we must make sure you have met.
    • In other cases, the class is restricted to a certain student population such as those admitted to an accelerated EdD program.
    • In still other instances, the professor needs to screen students who take the class.
      • Sometimes a class is at capacity, so a code is required to override the course cap. In this instance, when you go to register for the course, it will appear highlighted in a very pale yellow. ∗
        PLEASE NOTE: If a class is closed, please do not contact the instructor for permission to take the class. Instead, contact the Registrar; the registrar cannot provide you the code because the class cannot handle extra students, you will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified immediately should someone else drop the class.
  • In no instance does your advisor provide you with the code (unless your advisor is an instructor of a course designated with an “I”).
    • Contacting an advisor or instructor will not guarantee you a spot in a closed class; we admit students in the order they appear on the waiting list.


The Registrar or Student Services office are committed to helping you if you encounter problems with registration.