Student Life 

Accessibility issues/students with disabilities
The Warner School of Education and the University of Rochester welcome applications from students with disabilities. The University employs professional staff committed to assisting students with disabilities in the classroom, residence halls, libraries, and elsewhere on campus.

It is a personal decision to disclose the existence of a disability and to request an accommodation. A decision not to disclose will be respected. Students who request an accommodation must provide appropriate documentation to the disability coordinator. The University remains flexible regarding the types of reasonable accommodations that can be made. Students with disabilities are invited to offer suggestions for accommodations.

Information on specific accommodations may be found at

Conflict management/resolution & mediation
The associate dean of graduate studies is available to respond to questions and issues regarding conflict management, resolution and mediation, including sexual harassment, grade disputes, and other issues.

Diversity and inclusion 
Read about Diversity and Inclusion at the Warner School of Education. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, email Anika Simone Johnson, director of equity and inclusion at

International Student Association
The Warner International Student Association aims to build a supportive community for international students through cultural, social and professional activities. To join us or learn more information, email
LGBTQ+ Student Association
Our mission is to foster a welcoming, supportive and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ students. To join us or learn more information, email
Students of Color Association
Our mission is to promote and offer academic, professional, and social programming for graduate students from historically excluded backgrounds and provide a forum for topics addressing the racial and ethnic diversity of the Rochester graduate student population. To join us or learn more information, email

Doctoral Student Peer Support Association 
DSPSA is a student-led and organized group dedicated to the academic success and wellness of doctoral students across all programs. Learn more about DSPSA.

Higher Education Student Association
The purpose of the Higher Education Student Association is to serve and strengthen the Higher Education program at the Warner School of Education and to promote and encourage personal, professional, and community development. The group works to provide a variety of programming and events designed to enhance and supplement the overall student experience. 
All current graduate and doctoral students and alumni in the Higher Education program are considered members. For information, contact the leadership team at and like our Facebook page for updates, activities and job postings.

Security and safety escorts

Emergency services: call or text 585-275-3333

For non-emergencies (vehicle lock-outs/no-starts, requests for escort to car, etc.) please contact 585-275-3340. You can also access Security for any reason from any blue-light phone on campus.

More about the Department of Public Safety

Parking (109 Fauver Stadium)
Student Parking Resources

  • You will need to purchase a parking permit unless your classes meet after 7:00 p.m.; University parking staff are vigilant in enforcing parking regulations, and you will receive a ticket if you park illegally, even if for 15 minutes.
    • If you are only taking one class, be sure to let the Parking Office know this fact. You may qualify for a part-time parker permit, which could save you money.
    • If you can find someone to carpool with, this can save you on the cost of parking.
  • Initially, you may purchase daily parking passes at the Information Booth on Wilson Boulevard ($5 before 4:00 p.m.; $3 after 4:00 p.m.); however, the University will not allow you to continue to utilize visitor parking for an extended period of time.

University Health Service

  • Appointment Phone: 585-275-2662; other questions, 585-275-2161
  • Health insurance for all full-time students
    • All full-time students participate in the Student Health Program, which includes the mandatory health fee and health insurance. Full-time time students must register and pay for health insurance through the university or request a waiver. Full-time is considered 9 credits per semester.
    • Ph.D. students that are full-time (9 credits per semester) and fully supported (15+ hour/week assistantship) will have their health insurance covered by the University. Part-time assistantships (less than 15 hours/week) will not have their health insurance covered.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations
    • All new and returning University of Rochester students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a CDC or World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccine. Learn more
  • Immunization Requirements (everyone born after 1956)
    • Failure to care for this within 30 days of starting school (45 days for non-New York State residents) will result in your being removed from classes until you are compliant with New York State immunization requirements.
    • New York State Public Health Law #2165 requires all full- and part-time college or university students registered for six or more credit hours per semester and born after 1956 to provide documentation of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella before they can attend college in New York. New York State Public Health Law #2167 requires colleges and universities to provide information about meningococcal meningitis (also called meningococcal disease) and vaccine availability to students. See the Meningococcal Disease Information Sheet.
      ∗ In addition to the New York State requirements, the university requires all full-time students to receive a tetanus/diphtheria (Td) immunization. If you are a student from a country with a high incidence of TB, you must also have a tuberculin skin test.