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University of Rochester Offers New Program in Applied Behavior Analysis

The number of children with autism continues to rise with the latest data estimating that one in 88 children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder—a 78 percent increase compared to a decade ago. In order to address the learning and behavior of those affected by autism, the University of Rochester′s Warner School of Education, in collaboration with the Division of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center, offers a new program and specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

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Mary Ellen BurrisMary Ellen Burris
Trust from customers takes many forms, and is a critical success factor in any enduring corporation. Mary Ellen Burris, an entrepreneur at heart, has been instrumental in setting the tone for success at Wegmans Food Markets.

Graduate Programs in Human Development

The Warner School’s programs in human development contribute to theory, research, and practice concerning human development and the forces that shape growth over the life course. Our master’s and doctoral programs prepare professionals who will work, teach, and conduct research and contribute to healthy development and humane, growth-producing systems.
Our human development programs are based on a deep interdisciplinary understanding of human development and human potential, as well as a commitment to promoting healthy human development through research, policy, education, and human services. There is a particular focus on social patterns that cause behavior changes as people progress through the life course.
Students acquire a firm grounding in developmental and social theory, action-oriented research, and the nurturing leadership skills. They study human development from early childhood through old age and from philosophical, historical, sociological, and psychological perspectives, with emphasis on integration across these disciplines and a focus on processes of growth and change, rather than on static concepts of individuals. The programs focus on the linkage between development processes and the contexts in which they occur.
Underlying all of our graduate programs and the educating professions of teaching, administration, and counseling is a fundamental understanding of human growth and development. Whether we are working to build healthy families, to improve neighborhoods and communities, to transform sociocultural structures that perpetuate social justice, to create an effective social studies curriculum, or to reform schools through improved leadership and organization, the development of human beings and the ability of individuals to adapt to growth through social change in organizations and communities is an issue of paramount interest and concern at the Warner School.
Master’s Program
Individuals who are seeking solutions to human problems in organizations and communities will find Warner’s master’s degrees in human development an exciting place to study. Our graduates pursue positions in health and human service agencies, research projects, case management, and family outreach, and many continue their education in doctoral programs. The program can be completed in one year if studying full-time and is designed with maximum flexibility to allow students to draw widely from the resources of the University in developing their own area of interest and expertise. Students may select a general degree that includes a wide range of coursework or a set of three courses addressing one of the five areas of concentration: Early Childhood, Developmental Differences, Family Studies, Gerontology, or Research. An early admission program option is also available to current University of Rochester undergraduates in the general human development program.
Degrees for individuals preparing for a career as a helping professional:

Doctoral Program
Professionals and researchers in health care, education and human services interested in advancing in their career as human development specialists and scholars will find Warner’s doctoral programs a great place to broaden and deepen their understanding of human development and serve as advocates and change agents for the health, human services and education professions. Through our PhD and EdD programs, students study human development from infancy through late adulthood, considering an integration of philosophical, historical, sociological, and psychological perspectives. The link between developmental processes and the contexts in which they occur is explored throughout the course of study.  There is strong emphasis on research methodologies appropriate for the study of development and change in real-world contexts. Graduates of our doctoral programs assume leadership roles as human development professionals, professors, and researchers in a range of human service, college/universities, government, and research organizations.

Doctoral program options:

Why Study Human Development

Project LEAP (Literacy Engagement and Achievement Program)
Project LEAP is a literacy program for students in grades K-3 that provides personal attention for kids that need it most. The statistics are dire. Only 10 percent of African-American males and 9 percent of Latino males in Rochester are graduating from high school, the lowest in the country. For those reading at grade level by the third grade however, the odds become much higher.