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PhD in Education (with specialization in Human Development in Educational Contexts)

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Entry Level Courses

Up to 30 credits in entry-level or advanced courses in human development and related fields (NOTE: Often these courses are transferred from previous graduate programs.)

Program Core

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required within the Program Core. You may swap one core course (across all 3 categories) for a transferred-in class with your advisor's and the program director's approval. At least one course in each category should be a 500 level.

At least one social context course; eligible courses include: ED415, ED418, ED419, ED425, ED481, EDU455, EDU557, EDU557, EDU565 & EDU572 plus other courses identified with your advisor., At least one psychological context course; eligible courses include: ED407, ED425, ED429, ED453, ED457, ED510, ED510, EDE422, EDE475, EDE493, EDE545, EDE565, EDU455, EDU464, EDU467, EDU476, EDU479, EDU494 & EDU560 plus other courses identified with your advisor.


In consultation with your advisor, select electives to reach a total of 90 credit hours.

Examples of available courses include ED425, EDU479, ED419, EDU494, ED481, EDU439, EDU467, EDU464, ED418, EDU455, EDU465, ED429, ED457, ED415, ED412, EDU446, EDU447, ED521, EDU498. Please note, courses may also be chosen from among the program core courses not taken to fulfill the program core requirements.

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