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100 Days - 100 Things You Should Know About LeChase Hall

As we launch this countdown, we look forward to our first day of classes in LeChase Hall on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.  Stop back often to see the facts accumulate, or sign up for the daily 100 Days email list.

100.  We made it!!! We are officially OPEN. LeChase Hall is filled with amazing students and creative energy!  Nearly 50 years after its founding, the Warner School of Education has a home to call its own. After all the planning, all the details, all the logistics, the return of our students is a potent reminder that we are here with a mission and a purpose.  We believe that education can transform lives and make the world more just and humane.
Now the real work begins...

99.  On Level 2 of LeChase Hall, just off the Wentworth Atrium at the entrance to the Genrich-Rusling Room, is the Ishikawa Commons.  The informal gathering space is named in grateful appreciation of Matthew MacKinnon and Preston Faulkner '08W (MS), who is Warner's Senior Director for Advancement, in honor of Preston's mother, Sumiko Ishikawa.

98.  On Level 1 of LeChase Hall, tucked in with the 14 classrooms shared by the College and the Warner School, is the Wager Commons.  The informal gathering space is named in honor of Margaret Lockwood Wager, who was a librarian in Rush Rhees Library, and Kelsey Brown Wager '57 and in grateful appreciation of Patricia H. Wheeler '62, '65W (EDM) for her generous support of the construction of LeChase Hall.

97.  It's been ten great days of firsts in LeChase Hall. Lots of work and dozens of tours as we prepare for the first day of classes and get back to business.  Today's fact is photos of first meetings, proposal defenses, and socials at LeChase.

96.  We’ve been counting our way through 100 days and 100 facts to the start of classes in LeChase Hall, and we’re almost there!!!  It's been great fun sharing this journey with you. We are pleased to invite all of our 100 Days friends to join us for a causal lunch celebration to celebrate the opening of LeChase Hall and the first day of classes. Wednesday, January 16. Noon.

95.  Raymond F. LeChase Hall and Dean Raffaella Borasi made the cover of  Rochester Review! Link through for great photos and the story.

94.  There are six electronic sign displays in LeChase Hall, providing current news and event information, as well as community photos and program information.

93.  LeChase Hall uses energy-efficient tankless water heaters.  Each sink in the building has its own Eemax water heater, which is activated only when there is a demand for hot water, heating water directly rather than storing hot water.  Tankless water heaters offer 99% thermal energy efficiencies by eliminating standby heat loss.

92.  LeChase Hall is equipped with security cameras — 3 exterior and 11 interior — that record activities and may be monitored by Security.  Please continue to exercise caution with regards to your possessions and personal safety.

91.  Here we bring you some of our fabulous people, settling into their new offices.  We love the way this flexible furniture has allowed people to really bring their personalities into the space!

90.  The vestibules in LeChase Hall are designed to serve as buffers from the elements.  Upon entering, you'll notice the HVC system goes into high gear to regulate the temperature.  There are also special walk-off carpeting systems to help keep the building clean and safe.  

89.  Perhaps not a new fact, but we're too excited not to share.  Furniture has been unveiled in the Wentworth Atrium and it's looking fabulous. A number of people have asked us about the manufacturer of this beautiful furniture.  It's the Gaia line from  Bernhardt Design.

 88.  The Palladoro Methods Classroom is a technology-rich demonstration classroom named in grateful appreciation of Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro '76W (MS), '79W (EdD) for her generous support.  It's flexible configuration will allow us to teach a variety of subjects, including science, and age groups.  We'll be preparing teachers here, as well as working with community children in after-school and summer enrichment programs.

87.  The Lechleiter Lounge, located at the entrance to the Scandling Center for Student Support on Level 2. This lounge and reception area serves admissions and student support offices. It is named in honor of Arthur and Harriet Lechleiter and in grateful appreciation of their daughter Donna Thompson '65W, '79 (MS) for her generous support of the construction of LeChase Hall.

86.  You'll find vending machines on Level 1 for quick drinks and bites between classes.  Coca-Cola is servicing us with soft drink and water machines, and there will be snacks and sandwich machines too.  
For coffee, Starbucks is right next door in Wilson Commons, and there is a Keurig outside of the Student Center.

85.  We start the new year in a new era for the Warner School, with spectacular facilities that support faculty, staff and students in their work and to achieve their dreams and the mission of the school.

84.  Here's a peak at a seating area on Level 4, as well as the counter with seating just to the other side of the elevator.  Both areas have fabulous views of the Wilson Quadrangle. The zebra wood stools and chairs are used throughout the building, playing off of the zebra wood in the atrium and portals.

83.  As part of our sustainability commitment and to help us stretch the furniture budget, 24 offices make use of furniture reused from offices in Dewey Hall.   We also reused 83 of the sturdy Hale oak bookcases from Dewey in faculty offices.  82. To make the Genrich-Rusling Room as flexible as possible for meetings, workshops, lectures, and as study space for students, there is a furniture storage room across the hall.  The tables have flip tops, and the stairs stack for easy moving and storage.

81. There are three long banks of lockers in the corridors outside of the Student Center and Doctoral Student Study.  Two of the banks (with 18"x36" lockers) will be assigned to full-time doctoral students to use on an ongoing basis. The third row of lockers are a bit smaller and reserved for day use.

80.  One of the really wonderful surprises as this project has progressed is the great views in most directions. From Level 4, some lucky faculty even have views of downtown, Rush Rhees Library, the George Eastman statue, and the river. It's amazing how much of campus can be seen from LeChase.

79.  The Student Center is located on Level 3, just off the Wentworth Atrium, and includes a lounge with student mailboxes, as well as seating.  This area requires a current University ID and active Warner student, staff or faculty status to enter.  

78.  Almost 9 miles of electrical conduit were used in LeChase Hall, and there are about 12 miles of network cables. We are connected!    

77.  In addition to the 32 displays in instructional and meeting spaces, there are 80 white boards.  

76.  LeChase Hall has two large conference rooms, both off the Wentworth Atrium.  One is on Level 2 attached to the Scandling Center for Student Support, and the other is on Level 3 attached to the Dean's Suite, but both have entrances directly from the Atrium.  Both have large TV displays that connect to laptops, as well as speaker phones for conference calls.

75.  We are ready!!!  98% packed, and ready to enjoy the holiday weekend.  We've filled over 2,000 boxes!  What an amazing team effort it has been.

74.  Within the Student Center, there is a Doctoral Student Study.  Students will be able to use this quiet study space on a first come, first served basis each day. Nearby are student lockers, the mailroom/lounge, a research room, a kitchenette, small meeting rooms, and a tech lab, as well as lots of open common space.

73.  LeChase Hall includes "hoteling" space on Level 4 for adjunct faculty, giving our professional colleagues a home base when working at Warner, and lockers and filing space to keep class materials handy on campus.

72.  After two years of planning, common and specialty space furniture has arrived and is starting to be unpacked.  We've worked with the great folks at Meadows Office Furniture in Fairport to order everything, and Turn Key Operations in Rochester for installation.

71.  LeChase Hall occupants and visitors will be greeted by and watched over by a statue of Martin Brewer Anderson, the University's first president. The statue was erected in 1904 on the Prince Street campus and moved to its current site on the Wilson Quadrangle in 1955.

70.  On Level 2, off the Wentworth Atrium and connected with the Genrich-Rusling Room, is a charming, light-filled Reading Room, that will house a children’s library and include cozy spots for reading and working with children.  

69.  Across the hall from the Genrich-Rusling Room, there is a catering prep room and "kitchen" to support food service in the room and at Warner School events.  The catering kitchen does not allow for the cooking of food, but supports food service and cleaning, with an oversized refrigerator, icemaker, microwaves, and dishwasher.  The stainless steel counters make for easy cleaning, and the flooring is slip-resistant.

68.  A portrait of Margaret Warner Scandling will hang in the Genrich-Rusling Room, our multi-purpose event and gathering space.  The rich turquoise and gold tones of the portrait provided some of the design inspiration for the room.

67.  One of the leading design principles for the creation of LeChase Hall was to intentionally create common space – places for people to come together informally for coffee and conversation, or to collaborate on projects.  In addition to the larger common spaces in the Atrium, there are many smaller places where you'll find comfortable seating for a quick break or informal gathering.

66.  LeChase Hall brings together most of the offices that provide direct support and services to students into one large administrative suite, which will be called the Scandling Center for Student Support, in honor of the generosity of  Margaret Warner Scandling and William F. Scandling. 

65.  We've held two big Clean & Go Green days in anticipation of the move, filling over 50 large rolling totes with trash and recycling.  Some faculty and staff are totally packed and ready to go, and some of us still have a lot of work ahead of us.  Our packing deadline is next Friday, December 21.

64.  Within the Student Center, there is a room off the doctoral student study room reserved for research assistants working on confidential materials.  The research room includes a conference table and 32 large file drawers that lock to secure data and materials.

63.  On Level 1, in addition to women's and men's restrooms, there is a special restroom that accommodates just one person or family at a time.  This accessible restroom has a shower for "green" commuters and a changing table for babies.  And it will also be appreciated by those in need of companion assistance or desiring a gender neutral facility.

62.  Each office in LeChase Hall will have a “conserve surge” mounted underneath the desk.  These surge protectors have two outlets that are always on and six outlets that are switched on and off by a single button.  This saves energy because devices such as printers, speakers, chargers and monitors that do not need to left on overnight are automatically turned off.  When left on in standby mode, these devices draw about 12 watts/hr in each office. In LeChase Hall, each year the “conserve surge” devices will save about 6,000,000 watt hours or enough electricity to run a 60-watt light bulb for 100,000 hours.

61.  The Wentworth Atrium includes a beautiful open staircase, wrapped around a central elevator.  Both are covered in complementary woods, including a distinctive zebra wood that appears throughout the building.  There are 54 steps from Level 2 to Level 4.

60.  Because of the timing of completion of the project, landscaping was scheduled for spring, but the mild fall and beautiful weather earlier in the week allowed for some initial planting.

59.  LeChase Hall has a total of nine restrooms — a men's room and a women's room on each floor, plus an accessible family restroom on Level 1.  The main restrooms are located off the central lobby/atrium on each level.

58.  In LeChase Hall, the phone system features IP phones that utilize the network instead of traditional twisted pairs of wires.  The phone system, in addition to being more flexible, also allows for more features such as making conference calls with up to 8 people directly from the phone.

57.  LeChase Hall is blanketed with 34 wireless base stations so can there is a full four bars available in every room. Every room in LeChase Hall also has access to always-on fast wired Gigabit Ethernet with a total of 648 network jacks that support computers, phones, and building systems.  Compared to a traditional network, Gigabit is ten times as fast, and compared to some rooms in Dewey Hall, it is 100 times as fast.

56.  Over 3,500 cubic yards of concrete were used on footings, foundation walls, slabs, and retaining walls.

55.  When we were planning for LeChase Hall, the Center for Governmental Research studied the economic and fiscal impact of the project, estimating that it would result in 460 construction jobs (approximately 260 direct and 200 spillover) for a total of $17.3 million in labor income and almost $1.25 million in sales tax and income tax revenue to the Rochester region and State of New York.

54.  Throughout LeChase Hall, expansive windows are used to allow natural light into the building, and then into interior spaces through glass walls.  Transom windows in offices allow light into hallways, while maintaining office security and privacy.

53.  There are 11 small meeting rooms, all beautifully appointed and equipped with collaboration screens, available for faculty, staff, and student meetings, study groups, and class breakouts.

52.  LeChase Hall has a 5th floor few will see.  While mostly devoted to mechanicals and not available for other uses, it does have two storage rooms for Warner's long-term storage needs.  Including the 5th floor, LeChase Hall is over 72,000 square feet.

51.  The construction site has been under the supervision of John Gustavson since groundbreaking.  He works for LeChase Construction and coordinates the many laborers and subcontractors on site.  We have "Gus" to thanks for helping to get this job done well and right on time!

50.  We're half way there in our 100 Days Countdown!  And this morning we received the first of MANY tractor trailers full of new furniture for LeChase Hall.49. Lighting in offices and classrooms is variable, allowing for a very natural lighting that capitalizes on and mixes well with the ambient lighting.  In offices, lights are on sensors and have two different settings.  Classrooms allow for flexible adjustments to best light for different uses, including video projection.

49.  Lighting in offices and classrooms is variable, allowing for a very natural lighting that capitalizes on and mixes well with the ambient lighting.  In offices, lights are on sensors and have two different settings.  Classrooms allow for flexible adjustments to best light for different uses, including video projection.

48.  Over 12,000 square feet of authentic Virginia black slate was used on the sloped roof.

47.  The first resident of LeChase Hall was a hawk, who oversaw the early work and left the construction crew gifts in the form of rodent carcasses.  We hope this is a good sign that we are leaving the mice of Dewey behind.

46.  Today we give thanks to the many people who have worked tirelessly to make LeChase Hall a reality for the Warner School. Happy Thanksgiving!

45.  The Administrative Support Office, which provides support to faculty for teaching, research, and projects, will be housed on Level 4, just off the Atrium near faculty offices.  This welcoming office will give visitors a central place to get information and provide faculty with specialized and centralized services.

44.  The classroom on Level 4 was designed to serve as both meeting space for faculty and staff and for Warner classes, with special features making it particularly useful for counseling classes, including adjacent breakout meeting rooms and an observation room with audio.

43.  A combination of wood panels are used throughout the building, in keeping with the warm, earthy design aesthetic.  A light wood surrounds the elevator shaft in the Wentworth Atrium, and the stairs wrap around with a dramatic zebra wood.  These woods also accent walls and portals throughout the building.

42.  170,000 bricks were used in the construction of LeChase Hall.  The bricks were carefully selected to match the surrounding brick buildings on River Campus.

41.  The Miller Technology & Research Lab has 10 work stations that will be open to Warner students at all times, giving them access to computers with the latest technology for social science research and multi-media editing and production, among other things.  

40.  The school was named in honor of Margaret Warner Scandling in 1993. A Rochester native and member of Rochester's Class of 1944, Mrs. Scandling was a lifelong supporter of the University before her death in 1990.

39.  For faculty, staff and students eager to stay fit and go green, there is a private shower room on Level 1 for after you bike to work or class.    

38.  With all the great light and cozy places to study, LeChase Hall needed the perfect reading chair, and we found one we think you'll like.  There will be 19 of these Hampton lounge chairs in various locations around Warner.

37.  Thanks to Robin and Timothy Wentworth, one of the most striking features of Raymond F. LeChase Hall now has a name. Wentworth Atrium, which will unify the three top floors of the Warner School’s new home, will recognize the Wentworths for their $1 million gift to the school.

36.  Levels 2, 3, and 4 of LeChase Hall all have workrooms for faculty and staff.  These workrooms will house printers, supplies, mailboxes, and an assortment of shared office equipment.

35.  Each of the landings on the two side stairwells (not the center atrium one) have been designed as areas of refuge, where individuals in wheelchairs or with limited mobility can go to call for and safely await assistance in the event of a fire or other emergency.

34.  Over 150 suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors will have been involved in some aspect of the project by the time we move into LeChase Hall.

33.  The Palladoro Methods Classroom will be used for the preparation and professional development of teachers.  We've made it kid friendly too, with adjustable height furniture, allowing us to engage in a wider variety of activities and to bring in school-age children for special events and programs, like those associated with the Get Real Science summer camp and after-school program.

32.  The exterior doors and some interior doors of the building will be controlled by card swipes so faculty, staff, and Warner students will need current University ID cards to get around in the new building and access the building after hours.   

31.  The new home for the Warner School was originally planned for a different site on campus and might have looked quite different.

30.  Among the plans for LeChase Hall toward sustainable design is the availability of a shower and bike racks for alternative transportation; landscape plantings that do not require irrigation; use of finishes/materials with recycled content; use of rapidly renewable materials; use of natural lighting to light significant portions of the space, and controllability of lighting systems everywhere; and use of water, energy and atmosphere systems that optimize performance and reduce waste. 

29.  The building has been designed striving to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver standards, the University’s standard goal. Some recycling measurements that may affect the end result can only be done during the construction process, but the design and materials reflect our commitment to creating a sustainable home for the Warner School.    

28.  Since the creation of Rochester’s College of Education in 1958, the graduate school, now known as the Warner School of Education, has been housed in three different locations on campus – Taylor Hall, Lattimore Hall, and most recently Dewey Hall.  LeChase Hall, paid for largely by the Warner School and its donors, will be a permanent home.

27.  When construction of LeChase Hall began in the spring of 2011, a walkway with hundreds of donor bricks was removed for safe-keeping, with each brick carefully numbered and preserved.  The Class of 1963 Promenade, originally installed in 2008, will be reinstalled upon the completion of the project, and each brick will return to its exact home.

26.  Four of the 14 classrooms on Level 1 have been designed to be extra friendly spaces for working with the young children in our Horizons summer school program, including more durable surfaces, sinks, and supply storage for messy art and science projects.

25.  The Technology Classroom will be reservable by faculty and staff for research group meetings and professional development when not in use for scheduled classes.

24.  While LeChase Hall may have been the first building project on the Wilson Quadrangle in 30 years, there is another one underway already, just to our east. Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation will house new programs in digital media studies and audio and music engineering. More information is available  HERE.

23.  Our beautiful multi-purpose event, meeting, and study room is being named in honor of Willard A. Genrich, Sr., thanks to a generous gift from his daughter Ellen Rusling ’66W, ’79W (MA) and her husband Thomas Rusling.   It will be known as the Genrich-Rusling Room.

22.  We’re pretty sure that the Level 3 balcony lounge will be the most coveted study spot on campus.  It looks out on the Wilson Quadrangle and has views into the open interior of the building. It will have an assortment of comfortable chairs, tables and chairs, and a counter with stools, and the best soft, northern light on campus.    

21.  LeChase Hall includes 1,500 pieces of precast concrete weighing over one million pounds total, with each cornice piece alone weighing 1,500 pounds. 

20.  Do you know that you can watch LeChase Hall under construction? We have a live webcam focused on the front of the building.

19.  With the move to LeChase Hall, we’re going to stop bottled water delivery and encourage faculty, staff and students to reuse and refill bottles.  There will be a bottle refill station on each floor.

18.  There is no shortage of space dedicated to coffee and food in LeChase Hall.  There are 5 kitchenettes connected to faculty, staff and student space, as well as another in the Dean’s Suite.  In addition, there’s a catering prep kitchen near the event space, and vending on Level 1 in the classroom area.

17.  LeChase Hall will be ready for the cold and snow.  A snow-melt system on the three north entranceways to the building will help keep us safe. That includes the front staircase to the atrium/lobby and the two sloped entrances to the classroom level. 

16.  Part of what makes LeChase Hall possible is the legacy gift made by William F. Scandling in honor of his late wife, Margaret Warner Scandling, when the school was named for her in 1993.   Mr. Scandling’s generous bequest came to the School just as we were beginning to imagine a new home for the Warner.

15.  LeChase Hall is not connected to the tunnel system, but it was designed so that it could be someday.  If and when Lattimore Hall is renovated, we’re lined up for a possible connection.

14.  LeChase Hall includes a Methods Classroom for use in teacher preparation and professional development, as well as work with K-12 students.  In addition to having a smartboard, there are five additional displays that allow for small groups to collaborate and present work in class.

13.  There is approximately 207,470 square feel of drywall in LeChase Hall, and over 2,074,000 screws were used in the drywall.

12.  All the instructional spaces in LeChase Hall are flexible, with movable tables and chairs to create different learning configurations.

11.  There are 93 offices in LeChase Hall.  Seventy are equipped with new furniture, customized by each of the occupants to their work style and needs.  The rest of the offices, including in the Dean’s Suite and Warner Center, reuse the best of the furniture from Dewey Hall.

10.  Approximately 420 tons of structural steel and nearly 40 tons of miscellaneous metals have been used in the construction of LeChase Hall.

9.   The lobby area in the Atrium on Level 2 covers 1,600 square feet, and we look forward to using it for events and gatherings, large and small.  On a daily basis, it will be arranged with eight seating areas, including 13 comfortable lounge chairs, three loveseats, and a couch.

8.   LeChase Hall is named for Raymond F. LeChase, founder of LeChase Construction Services, LLC, who was a pioneer in the Rochester construction community, renowned philanthropist, and dedicated supporter of education. Raymond’s son R. Wayne LeChase and his wife Beverly made a $3.5 million commitment to the University in recognition of the important role education plays in improving lives and strengthening the community.   

7.   In all, there are 32 rooms in LeChase Hall equipped with display technology for collaboration and viewing video, and all are video and telephone conference capable.   

6.   LeChase Hall is located on the historic Wilson Quadrangle, between Wilson Commons (designed by I.M. Pei) and Todd Union, accessible by Fraternity Road.  It is the first major building to be constructed in the Wilson Quadrangle in 30 years.     

5.   There’s lots of great space in LeChase Hall for students to work, including a 1,600-square-foot Student Center that accommodates about 50, in a combination of social, quiet, and research space, with mixed configuration of seating.    

4.   The modern, light-filled design concept and warm earth tones of the interiors came out of planning sessions with faculty and staff conducted by architects and designers at Bergmann Associates in early 2009.

3.   A special font, “Meliora font," was created for the University and was used for the first time on the front of LeChase Hall. Back story: University of Photographer Adam Fenster went up on a lift to photograph the lettering on all the original academic buildings on the Eastman Quadrangle. The font is not a complete alphabet.

2.   An estimated 232,400 labor man hours will be used on LeChase Hall by the time it opens.  Over 1,000 different workers will have been on site during the project, with a peak count of 125 on site at one time.

1.   LeChase Hall has 17 classrooms — 14 shared with the College on Level 1 and three dedicated Warner instructional spaces upstairs — seating a total of 428 students and instructors each class period. At capacity, that's a total of over 3,000 students coming and going for about 100 classes in LeChase Hall each day!