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ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program 

A paid teacher residency program designed to prepare teachers for a career in the Rochester City School District. There are 15 openings per year for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 academic years.

All of this plus an additional guaranteed 65% off tuition scholarship for every student seeking a Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification.

How to apply

Apply to any of our Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification programs. In the application you will be asked to indicate your interest in a teacher residency program.

Join a highly competitive cohort of teacher candidates!

Program overview

Residency year schedule 

The 15-month residency program includes a full academic year in a Rochester city school, co-teaching four days per week with a mentor and serving one day per week as a building substitute. Residents enter as a cohort and begin a full schedule of courses the first summer of enrollment, continuing throughout the school year, and concluding at the end of the following summer.

Post-graduation commitment

Residents will have the opportunity for employment in the Rochester City School District upon program completion. Residents make a two-year commitment to teach in the district with continuous mentorship as a beginning teacher.

Financial support

All residents receive at least $15,000 of tuition assistance, alongside $43,000 in pay with benefits from the Rochester City School District. Additional scholarships and financial aid are available for students seeking a Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification.

Teacher certification

A Residency Certificate is issued upon application to students enrolled in this New York State registered residency program, and this certificate remains with them for the duration of the program. Upon completion of the teacher residency program, the Residency Certificate expires, and graduates receive their New York State Initial Teaching Certification as specialists in either Secondary Education (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, or World Languages); TESOL or Teaching Students with Disabilities (Grades K-12); or Early Childhood/Elementary Education with dual certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities. 

Innovative curriculum 

Our culturally responsive curriculum prepares reflective teachers through master’s coursework and professional learning experiences focused on successful teacher development, co-teaching, and onsite mentorships.


Residents learn by co-teaching alongside highly trained mentors for an entire school year. Mentors provide models of good practice, contextual guidance, and opportunities to enact innovative pedagogies and reflect on learning. 

Frequently asked questions

What do alumni think?

Jane Pritchard photoJane Pritchard ‘23W (MS)
Secondary ELA + teaching students with disabilities; placed with Margaret Donlon at East High School

In this fellowship, I’m not “playing school,” or a guest in my mentor’s classroom; I’m not simply copying my mentor’s approaches without understanding the process. I’m allowed space in a co-teaching partnership to test out ideas that I’ve developed at the Warner School. And while the learning curve is steep, I absolutely believe that, not only am I better teacher as a result, but also I’m building a deep understanding of what teaching consists of more holistically.

Katelyn Webb photoKatelyn Webb ‘23W (MS)
Secondary science + teaching students with disabilities; placed with Tiarra Worthington at East High School

It’s powerful to be able to start and end the year with scholars; to be able to build relationships with them for that length of time. As a co-teacher, I feel as though I contribute to the classroom culture by helping to maintain a calm, productive learning environment, and by bringing new, engaging ideas and engineering practices into that environment.

Student doing classwork while teacher helps another student in the background

Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification

The Master's in Teaching degree will prepare you to stand out as an innovative teacher.

You'll find curricula informed by research and best practices and supportive and passionate faculty of researchers and accomplished practitioners. You'll learn to be a culturally responsive teacher who builds community with students and families to foster engagement and well-being. You'll become an educator of all students.

All Master's in Teaching students are eligible for a 65% off tuition scholarship.

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Commitment to the Rochester City School District

The ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program was founded on the principles of educational equity and social justice so residents learn how to serve all Rochester students and families.

Our program aims to prepare educators to alleviate the teacher shortage and create a more diverse workforce. Graduates make a minimum two-year commitment to teach in the Rochester City School District after their residency year, which will immediately support students’ learning opportunities.

Program Director

Kevin Meuwissen

Associate Professor (Clinical) & Chair


For more information about admissions requirements, academic programs, financial aid, or any other non-ROC Urban Teaching Fellowship questions, please contact admissions at or (585) 275-3950 or use our inquiry form.

For more information about the ROC Urban Teaching Fellowship, please contact Kevin Meuwissen

This program is currently funded by the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDL) Teacher Residency Program and operates as a partnership with Nazareth University School of Education and the Rochester City School District.