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Frequently Asked Questions about ROC Urban Teaching Fellows

The ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program is a paid teacher residency program designed to prepare teachers for the Rochester City School District. Participants will earn their Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification while also co-teaching with a mentor throughout a one-year paid teacher residency. Then, following graduation, participants will be employed by the Rochester City School District for two years.

A residency is a year-long experience in the Rochester City School District where you will hone your skills and knowledge by co-teaching alongside an experienced mentor teacher. During the residency, you will also be immersed in graduate-level coursework at the Warner School that will inform your classroom practice.

Our ideal candidates are individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds and graduates of the Rochester City School District who want to return to the district to teach. While others will be considered, preference will be given to candidates who strengthen the diversity of teachers within the Rochester City School District, in accordance with the students and families the district serves. Additionally, professionals looking to make a career change are also encouraged to apply. 

We welcome applications on a rolling basis. Applications will be reviewed bi-weekly and complete applications will move forward in the admissions process. Apply by our priority deadline of April 15 for an entry term of Summer (May) of the same year. 

The first step is to apply to one of our Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification programs and then select your interest in the ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program before the application deadline. View details & application

The year-long program begins in the summer and ends the following summer. For the 2024-25 academic year, you will begin in the Summer (May) of 2024 and complete the program the following Summer (August) 2025 and for the 2025-26 academic year, you will begin in the Summer (May) of 2025 and complete the program the following Summer (August) 2026.

During the summer semesters, residents take Warner School graduate coursework. During the school year—Fall, Winter and Spring—residents are in their school placement while continuing to complete their graduate coursework during this time. Coursework is held in the evenings during the week in LeChase Hall.

As part of the residency program, you’ll get paid to co-teach while you earn your master’s degree and certification. Residents will be employed through the Rochester City School District at a minimum of $20,000 in pay.

In addition to an annual salary and benefits, you will also receive a $15,000 stipend toward your tuition at the Warner School and a guaranteed 65 percent tuition scholarship for our teacher preparation program. The total cost of your tuition will be under $10,000 (for the 39-credit master's program), and you will still be eligible for other financial aid loans and grants. 

You will spend four days per week co-teaching with a mentor teacher as a resident and one day working as a building substitute. Residents will follow the Rochester City School District’s school-year calendar.

Residents are matched with a mentor teacher in their subject area. Mentors have received professional development in mentorship from the Rochester City School District’s Career in Teaching Program. The mentors and residents use a co-teaching model throughout the duration of the school year. 

Your residency will take place at one school in the Rochester City School District for the full school year. You will be partnered with one mentor teacher in the subject area and/or grade level in which you are seeking certification, unless you are pursuing more than one certification and are placed in a classroom where an integrated co-teaching model is being used between a subject area teacher and a special education teacher.

Our primary focus is on recruiting and admitting students to high-need areas including Secondary Education (English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, or world languages); Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL); or Teaching Students with Disabilities (Grades K-12).

If you are not admitted to the residency program, you have still been assured a spot in the regular teaching master’s program that you applied to initially. The residency program does not replace the standard master’s teaching program, but rather is an option for individuals who are committed to urban education and can commit to teaching in the Rochester City School District for two years beyond the residency program.

Upon successful completion of the residency program, you will be expected to commit to a minimum of two years of teaching in the Rochester City School District.

For more information about the ROC Urban Teaching Fellowship, email Kevin Meuwissen.

For information about admissions requirements, academic programs, financial aid, or any other non-ROC Urban Teaching Fellowship questions, email or call (585) 275-3950.