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Quantitative Support

Quantitative Consulting Services provides general assistance with quantitative methods and analysis to doctoral students. Our consultants are Warner doctoral students who are proficient in a range of statistical methods and can provide students with the strategies and guidance needed to address their quantitative research questions.

Consultants are available to assist with — not conduct — analyses of your data. Students are expected to take primary responsibility for their own work. Here are some of the free services provided:

  • Assistance with planning the research methods for your dissertation.
  • Guidance with research design.
  • Guidance with survey design.
  • Suggestions for approaches regarding data management (data manipulation, formatting, and coding).
  • Guidance with selection of appropriate statistical procedures.
  • Guidance with model selection.
  • Assistance with interpreting results.
  • Assistance with using SPSS or AMOS.
  • Guidance with presenting quantitative results in APA format.
  • Guidance to help you move forward with your quantitative research.
  • Identification of additional resources that might prove useful to you.


Using SPSS at the University of Rochester:  At the Warner School, SPSS is available to students in the Technology Classroom.  On the River Campus, SPSS is available in the following locations:  ITS Center (Rush Rhees); Hylan 303; Gavett 244; Harkness 114; and Carlson Library.

Downloading SPSS (trial version): A free 14-day trial version of SPSS is available for download at the following Web site: IBM SPSS Statistics Trial

At the Warner School, AMOS is available to students in the Technology Classroom.

A free student version is available for download at HLM free student edition.

Need Research Assistance?

Preparing for an appointment

At least 24 hours before your appointment, email any required information to If not emailed in advance, please bring all relevant content and ideas for discussion to the consultation.

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Paoipaoi Cai

Piaopiao Cai

Piaopiao is a PhD student in the Human Development program who is passionate about statistics. Highly proficient with various quantitative methods and models, including ANOVA, multilinear regression with interaction terms, polynomial regression, binominal, ordinal, and multinomial logistic regression, factor analysis, SEM, HLM, and meta-analysis of proportions.

Software: R, SPSS, AMOS, HLM and Covidence
Research interests: Workplace well-being and sustainable development, specifically in manufacturing

Chad/Yunxiang Chen standing in front of a mountain.

Chad/Yunxiang Chen

Chad is a PhD candidate in human development, with a profound passion for quantitative research methods. Within the framework of self-determination theory, his research topic includes the need satisfaction, need frustration, pro-sociality, motivation, and well-being. He is proficient in structural equation modeling, including mediation, moderation, moderated mediation, mediated moderation, and more complex models. 

Software: SPSS, PROCESS macro, AMOS and MPLUS
Personal motto: A man of great virtue does not claim to be of virtue. [上德不德.]

Tianxiang Zhu

Tianxiang Zhu

Tianxiang is a doctoral student in educational policy with research interests in K-12 school access and equity, educational finance, charter school, education and economics, and high school-to-college transition. He is proficient in the application of various quantitative research methods, including ANOVA, multiple regression analysis, factor analysis and structural equation modeling.

Software: SPSS, AMOS, Stata and more
Personal motto: Teaching others, exploring self

Contact Quantitative Consulting

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For writing accommodations, contact Mary Judge at (585) 273-1838 or