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Your faculty advisor is your trusted guide for decision-making related to your academic progress while in graduate school. Your advisor will be assigned to you after you are admitted to a degree program. It is important that you meet and communicate with your advisor regularly so you understand your program of study and what classes you should take during each academic turn. 

Connect with my advisor

You can find information about your advisor by logging into My Warner, the school's intranet. Once you're signed in, you'll see your program of study and the name of the faculty advisor who has been assigned to you. 

Programs of study

Your Program of Study is your guide to the requirements for completing your graduate degree. You'll complete this document at the beginning of your first academic term. You should review it before every class registration period to guide your course selections in UR Student, the registration system at the University of Rochester. To update your Program of Study, contact your advisor. 

Change advisors

After you start your program, you may have the ability to change advisors, if a new faculty member has capacity to take you on as an advisee. After a new faculty member agrees to be your advisor, the change must be approved. Your proposed new advisor must email your existing advisor and the associate dean of graduate studies for approval. If approval is granted, you'll be notified by your new and/or former advisor.