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Page link printed 09/25/2017

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Online Teaching

As the demand for online courses and a variety of other types of learning experiences continues to grow, the Warner School has launched new programs to prepare qualified instructors to teach effectively online.

The programs have been designed for Warner students and alumni, doctoral students across the University, as well as individuals in the community involved in training/teaching who are already in or are looking for positions involving online teaching in higher education, K-12 education, and/or other contexts. As such, we assume that students will come to the program having already acquired the content knowledge needed to teach in their field of specialization. The goal of these programs is to complement this expertise with knowledge about the unique learning opportunities afforded by online spaces, as well as about principles of learning and teaching more generally. Our goal is to prepare thoughtful and effective instructors, who can design and facilitate innovative online learning experiences for their students in a variety of contexts, including fully online and hybrid online courses and workshops, as well as enhancements to traditional face-to-face courses and professional development experiences. Specifically, the programs are designed to prepare graduates to demonstrate:
  • A nuanced appreciation of the potential and limitations of online learning.
  • Foundational knowledge in the areas of motivation, learning, teaching, and instructional design, as needed to inform the design of high-quality online learning experiences and courses for diverse learners.
  • Awareness of and proficiency in using a rich set of online tools, technologies, resources, and best practices for online teaching.
  • Proficiency in designing and implementing high-quality learning experiences and courses.
  • Proficiency in the rigorous evaluation of online learning experiences and courses to improve future practice.
Certificate Program
This certificate program can be pursued as a stand-alone, non-degree program, OR as an addition/enhancement to other University of Rochester programs. Students can begin taking courses in the program as non-matriculated students, although they will need to apply and be admitted to the program before they can do their practicum experience.
Master's Program

This 33-credit degree program includes all the requirements and learning experiences of the Certificate in Online Teaching, as well as a research methods course and five electives that students can customize to meet their individual career goals and interests.  Relevant graduate courses taken in other programs and/or as matriculated students could be transferred into this program pending advisor's approval, up to the limit allowed by the University.