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MS in Educational Administration (with specialization in Higher Education)

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Entry Level Courses

Up to 10 credits in graduate-level coursework in education or related fields may be transferred in prior to matriculating into the Master’s degree program if approved by the faculty advisor. These transfer credits can fulfill an elective requirement or be a direct substitution of a required course. Required courses that are part of accreditation assessments cannot be substituted.

Masters' Core

Specialization Courses


Choose at least two (2) additional electives for a total of six (6) credits. These courses are designed to complement the student's professional interests or career focus. Courses may be chosen from any of those listed above, or from other Warner courses with the approval of an advisor. If the Master's Paper (see below) is taken for three (3) credits, it would serve as an elective here.


If student works full-time, this may be waived by advisor with approval from Educational Leadership Chair, and substituted with an additional elective course.,

Additional Requirements

Master's students are required to complete a culminating experience as part of their degree program. This requirement may be met by completing a Master's Paper (for three credits as EDE 461 or zero credits) or Culminating Exam (zero credits). If meeting this requirement for zero credits, you must take another elective.

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