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Navigating success together: Warner’s new Office for Student Success

Smiling graduate reaching up toward the sky.

Dear students,

I am pleased to share the launch of the Office for Student Success at Warner. Designed exclusively to support your academic journey, this new school-wide initiative will serve as a comprehensive support hub for students, offering assistance and guidance to our entire student community. 

Our primary focus is to facilitate your progress toward your academic and personal goals, ensuring a fulfilling student experience. Whether you need academic support, career guidance, writing assistance, quantitative consulting or help with wellness and mental health, the Office of Student Success is dedicated to nurturing your success.

Under the leadership of Pamela Black-Colton, our Student Success team is committed to providing tailored support to meet your individual needs. We provide services and student-centered programs to enhance your graduate school experience and keep you on track for graduation. From offering career advising, writing support, quantitative consultingstudent affinity groups and technological resources to providing professional support services for disability, wellness and mental health needs, our mission is to prepare our students for future success. 

Think of the Office for Student Success as your compass, guiding you through the opportunities and challenges ahead. We encourage you to take advantage of our resources and embark on your academic journey with confidence and determination.

We welcome your ideas as we work together to pave the way for your success. Connect with us at, and let’s make your graduate school journey extraordinary.

Sarah Peyre, EdD
Dean, Warner School of Education