ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program

The ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program is a paid teacher residency program designed to prepare teachers for a career in the Rochester City School District. This is a highly competitive program, with only ten openings for 2023-2024.
  • Earn your Master's Degree in Teaching with Initial Certification
  • New York State certifications in Secondary Education or Teaching Students with Disabilities
  • Participate in a 15-month paid teacher residency with a salary of $43,000 plus health and dental benefits
  • Receive $10,000 toward your tuition
All of this plus an additional scholarship award of up to 50 percent off of tuition, available to all Master's in Teaching students.

Join a highly competitive cohort of teacher candidates committed to urban education in Rochester

The next deadline to apply is March 15, 2023.

Program overview

Residency year schedule

The 15-month residency program includes a full academic year in a Rochester school, co-teaching four days per week with an experienced mentor teacher and serving one day per week as a building substitute. Residents enter as a cohort and begin courses the first summer of enrollment, continuing throughout the school year, and concluding the following summer.

Affordability/financial support

All residents receive at least $10,000 of tuition assistance, and a salary of $43,000 plus health and dental benefits from the Rochester City School District. Additional scholarships are available for master's of teaching students.

Innovative curriculum

The culturally responsive curriculum prepares reflective teachers through master’s coursework and professional learning experiences focused on successful teacher development, co-teaching, and onsite mentorships.

Post-graduation commitment

Residents will have the opportunity for employment in the Rochester City School District upon successful program completion. Residents make a two-year commitment to teach in the district with continuous mentorship as a beginning teacher.

Teacher certification

Upon completion of the residency year, graduates receive their New York State initial teaching certification as specialists in Secondary Education or Teaching Students with Disabilities. Certification is for adolescence education (Grades 7-12).


School-based mentors are highly trained to meet residents’ professional developmental needs. Residents learn by co-teaching alongside mentors for an entire school year. Mentors provide models of good practice, contextual guidance, opportunities to enact innovative pedagogies and reflect on learning. 

Frequently asked questions

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Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification

The Master's in Teaching degree will prepare you to stand out as an innovative teacher.

You'll find curricula informed by research and best practices and supportive and passionate faculty of researchers and accomplished practitioners. You'll learn to be a culturally-responsive teacher who builds community with students and families to foster engagement and well-being. You'll become an educator of all students.

All Master's in Teaching students are eligible for a 50% off tuition scholarship.

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Commitment to the Rochester City School District

The ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program was founded on the principles of educational equity and social justice so residents learn how to serve all Rochester students and families.

Our program aims to prepare educators to alleviate the teacher shortage and create a more diverse workforce. Graduates make a minimum two-year commitment to teach in the Rochester City School District after their residency year, which will immediately support students’ learning opportunities.

Meet the faculty

Kevin Meuwissen imageKevin Meuwissen, PhD
Teacher Preparation Program Director
LeChase Hall 466
(585) 273-5940

Kevin Meuwissen is the director of the Warner School's ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program.

The teaching and curriculum department is filled with inspirational leaders that will prepare you to be an expert in teaching. View all faculty


For information about the ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program, email Kevin Meuwissen.

For information about admissions requirements, academic programs, financial aid, or any other non-ROC Urban Teaching Fellowship questions, contact admissions at or (585) 275-3950.

This program is a partnership between the Warner School of Education, Nazareth College's School of Education and the Rochester City School District.

This program is partially funded by the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation.