Student Services


The school, in keeping with FERPA regulations, is careful in handling sensitive information regarding students.

  • REQUESTS FOR CONTACT INFORMATION: Student Services will not provide home or cell phone numbers or personal e-mail addresses to anyone but university employees over the phone; we will contact the student or faculty member in question and pass on your phone number, or we will provide you with the student’s e-mail address. Should you wish to request contact information, e-mail the Registrar from the e-mail account you have on file with school, so we can verify your identity.
  • EXCEPTIONS: Instructors sometimes do share contact information with other students; if you do not wish to have your contact information shared in this manner, notify your instructor(s) before class starts.
  • DESIGNATING RECORDS AS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL: Should you wish to have your record designated as confidential, and approve the release of any information, contact the Registrar or complete and submit the Personal Information Release form.


Student Services Directory

Academic Calendar: Registrar

Academic History Report: Registrar or UR Student

Academic Honesty Issues/Reporting: Associate Dean

Academic Warnings/Appeals: Associate Dean

ADA Accommodation Requests: Access Coordinator  

Adding Courses After Deadline: Registrar

Address & Personal Information Changes: Registrar

Billing Problems: Registrar first

Blackboard Assistance or Problems: Blackboard Coordinator

Breaches of Acceptable Conduct & Reports of Same (sexual harassment, etc.): Associate Dean

Certification: Certification Officer  

Certification Confirmation/Verification: Certification Officer

Commencement: Student Services

Comprehensive Examination: Student Services

Conflict Resolution & Due Process: Associate Dean

Course Roster Omissions: Registrar

Course Schedule Preparation, Corrections & Updates:  Registrar

Course Syllabi Requests: Student Services  

Degree Confirmation/Verification:  General: Registrar

Dissertation Process: Student Services  

Dropping Courses After Deadline: Registrar

E-mail changes: Registrar or IT E-mail Manager

E-mail Communications to Students:  Student Services

Enrollment Verification: Registrar

Evaluations for Courses/Faculty: Blackboard Coordinator

Event Registrations: Admissions Assistant

GPA Requests: Registrar

Grades: UR Student  or Registrar

Grade Reports:  UR Student  or Registrar

Graduation: Student Services   

Holiday Schedule: Registrar

Independent/Field Studies: Registrar

International Student Services: International Student Liaison  

Leave of Absence Requests: Registrar

Loan Deferral Requests: Registrar

Lost & Found: Registrar

Policy Clarification & Interpretation: Associate Dean

Portfolio Review Process: Student Services 

Programs of Study: Student Services

Progress Assessment: Student Services

Proof of Registration: Registrar

Receipts for Tuition Payments: Bursar's Office

Registration Questions or Problems: Registrar

Registration Verification:  UR Student  or Registrar

Requirement/Policy Waivers: Associate Dean

Room Assignments:   Admissions Assistant   

Student Contact information Requests: Registrar

Student Issues:  Executive Director of Admissions & Student Services   

Student Services: Student Services

Transcripts: University Registrar


Complete the Enrollment/Degree Verification Request in order to receive:
  • an Enrollment Verification for employment, health insurance, Social Services, unemployment or other purposes, within 24 hours of the receipt of your request.  Normally, you will receive this verification via e-mail as a PDF attachment; if you require the verification be mailed either to you or someone else, be sure to provide the complete address in an e-mail to the Registrar.
  • The Registrar will also prepare a Degree Confirmation within 24 hours of receiving your e-mailed request; if you need your GPA included, please indicate that.  Normally, you will receive this confirmation via e-mail as a PDF attachment; if you require the degree confirmation be mailed either to you or someone else, be sure to provide the complete address in an e-mail to the Registrar.
  • Should you have completed your degree requirements before the date the degree will be conferred (usually March, August, and October completers), you may complete the formenrollment degree="" forms="" id="48.  If you are in a program leading to certification or licensure, please complete the Degree/Certificate Confirmation Letter Request form available on the Certification page.


  • Should you find something that a fellow student has left behind, please return it to the Registrar.
  • Should you lose something, you may contact the Registrar.


  • Every student registered for classes receives a Student ID Card to:
    • Access LeChase Hall and specific student areas within the building
    • Transact business at the Bursar’s Office
    • Receive student discounts at various places on and off campus
    • Access gym facilities
  • New students will receive an email with directions on how to access the "ID Photo Upload" organization in Blackboard that will allow you to request a Student ID remotely and have it sent via mail. If you are a new student and you do not see this organization in Blackboard, please email cardswipe new student issues. If you are physically on campus, the best way to get your Student ID Card is to bring some form of picture ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and go to the Susan B. Anthony Complex behind the Library parking lot; signs inside main door will direct you to the ID Office. For hours of operation, you should call ahead: 585.275.3975.
    • Should you lose your card, you can have a duplicate card made for a small fee; report the loss immediately to the ID Office.
  • After you pick up your Student ID Card if it does not unlock doors as expected, please email cardswipe does not work issues.


The University currently uses a number of different ID numbers and passwords/PINs to access various UR systems, including Online Registration, Student Access and Blackboard. 

    • This is a unique ID number which usually consists of your first initial and all or part of your last name; it is used to access Blackboard (in most instances), all online Bursar’s Office forms, and to register online.
    • The NetID password is something you create to use in conjunction with the NetID.
      • You must first have your URID (see below) in order to get your NetID and set up your password; should you not have received a URID yet (you should have gotten this number in an e-mail from the Registrar after you were admitted or registered), contact the Registrar or Student Services Assistant.
      • You should next visit the NetID website to get your NetID and set up your password and security questions. ∗ If you are a UR employee or former student, you will already have a NetID (employees use this to access the HRMS system) and should not create a new one but use the existing ID. You should contact Blackboard Coordinator if you encounter problems.
      • If you forget your password and can’t recall the answer to your security question, you will be required to stop in the UIT (University Information Technology) Office on the ground floor at the back of the Rush Rhees Library to reset your password. 
  • URID (Student ID or UID)
    • An eight-digit unique ID number that identifies you in the UR database where registration occurs (and in HRMS, for UR employees); this number replaces your Social Security Number for all applications except financial aid.
    • As soon as you are accepted to the school, the system will assign you a URID.
      • The Registrar will provide you with this number in an e-mail as soon as you are either admitted or registered.
      • You should indicate this number on any paper transactions you exchange with the Bursar’s Office.
      • Should you forget this number, you can e-mail the Registrar or Student Services Assistant, or, if you recall your NetID and password, you can enter that on the UR Registrar’s UID/PIN Request web form.

TIME STATUS (by UR definition)

  • Full-Time
    • Twelve or more credit hours
    • Nine or more credit hours only for students with a documented Graduate Assistantship, either with Warner or another institution
    • Requirements & Benefits:
      • Allows you to enroll in UR student health and dental insurance;
      • Requires you to carry health insurance, whether UR’s or equivalent private policy
      • Requires you to complete the Health Insurance Election/Waiver Process (click on the appropriate link in the pink box on the right) online each fall (or spring, if that is your first semester at the UR) to either select or opt out of the UR student health insurance.
      • Requires you to pay the Mandatory Health Fee (usually about $600 for the year), whether or not you carry private insurance.
      • Allows you to secure and/or defer student loans
  • Half-Time
    • Six or more (up to 11) credit hours (note, there is no equivalent reduction in hours for those with a Graduate Assistantship; i.e., 4.5 hours is not considered half-time for those with an assistantship)
    • Requirements & Benefits:
      • Allows you to secure and/or defer student loans
      • Requires you to provide proof of immunization if you were born after 1956 (see “UHS” section under “Useful Contacts…”)
  • Part-Time
    • Less than six credit hours
  • X-Time
    • This is the time status assigned for leaves of absence and continuous enrollment registrations