Quantitative Consulting Services Consultants

Piaopiao Cai Piaopiao Cai is a PhD student in the Human Development program who is passionate about statistics. Highly proficient with various quantitative methods and models including ANOVA, multilinear regression with interaction terms, polynomial regression, binominal, ordinal, and multinomial logistic regression, factor analysis, SEM, HLM, meta analysis of proportions.

Software: R, SPSS, AMOS, HLM, and Covidence
Research interests: College students' learning motivation and mental health 

Beilei Guo Beilei Guo is a doctoral student in Teaching and Curriculum, with research interests in the role of learners’ psychology in language learning. She enjoys helping students in designing surveys, sampling raw materials, visualizing data, selecting models, interpreting results and processing improvement. She has particular expertise in application of a wide variety of statistical techniques including regression, ANOVA, factor analysis, and SEM. She also has experiences in psychometric theory and meta-analysis.