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Scholarships Available Now
There are scholarships available for teacher education, making it easier than ever to afford a Warner degree:

Guaranteed 50% Scholarships for all programs leading to NYS certification, for candidates eligible to teach in U.S. schools for a minimum of two years

100% Merit Scholarships available for select programs (math, science, TESOL, and inclusion with significant disabilities)

Contact an admissions counselor for more information.

Teacher Education

Live to Inspire. Love to Teach.

The Warner School of Education will teach you how to teach. But the real difference at Warner, given an increasingly diverse classroom environment and a continued focus on inclusion of students of all abilities, is our capacity to teach you how today’s students learn and how you can create an optimum learning environment for all. Warner helps tomorrow’s teachers move learning from memorization to critical thinking … from competition to community building … from “just getting over the finish line” to creating lifelong learners.  That’s the Warner way.

It’s a movement focused on student-centered education with the goal of increasing intellectual engagement. It’s a commitment to developing “reform-minded” teachers who won’t settle for the status quo. It’s a goal of encouraging teachers to take responsibility for creating a learning environment that’s inviting for all students, no matter how they best learn. It’s an ability to nurture and develop teachers who step up to be leaders by imparting ideas and a vision for where their students, the school, and the district can grow and contribute in meaningful ways. It’s an approach that creates great teachers and true educational leaders. Teachers who live to inspire and love to teach.
The Warner School delivers a big-picture view of what the classroom and the school should look like.  It begins with approaching teaching as a profession, not a job. A commitment to inspiring all young men and women to grasp what they are learning, why they are learning, and why what they are learning matters to them personally and to the world.
On the Cutting Edge of the Classroom and Beyond
All of our teacher education programs are firmly grounded in proven research and sound theory. Warner faculty, in conducting research and supporting others, stay on the cutting edge of where learning is and where it’s heading, helping to provide more in-depth knowledge of how people learn by better understanding how the world sees each student, and conversely, how each student sees the world. This ensures that Warner students have a keen understanding of where learning needs to go and the reasons why they will need to teach and engage students differently in the future.

Warner prepares students for teaching and the pursuit of educational endeavors beyond the classroom. We provide the theoretical foundation, the intellectual tools, and the practical experience to help graduates thrive in a wide variety of learning environments.
Learning Teaching By Teaching
Program coursework is not driven by textbooks and lectures, but through engagement and experience. Our goal is for students to learn teaching by teaching, and depending on the program focus, internalize the subject matter by teaching it. Students are challenged to create authentic learning experiences and robust lesson plans, that will engage their peers. And then practically apply these plans in the real world teaching environment.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a lesson plan come to life in a classroom, providing a glimpse into how this kind of engaging education can positively impact future generations and how they interact with their world.
The Warner School offers extensive opportunities for students to pursue practical, hands-on field experience through programs like the Get Real! Science program; Horizons, a six-week, full-day summer enrichment program; a strategic partnership with East Upper and Lower Schools; and student teaching opportunities at other schools across the Rochester region.
Practically speaking, the ability to be able to obtain both your teaching certification and a master’s degree in just 15 months (full time) provides the opportunity for our educators to secure a teaching job in the school year following their graduation. In addition, the possibilities of adding additional teaching certifications in areas of teacher shortage – such as TESOL, reading and literacy, and inclusion/special education – by taking only a few additional courses makes our graduates even more marketable, and helps to increase chances of obtaining that first teaching job. 
Passionate, Supportive Professors
A major strength of the Warner School is its expert, diverse faculty. These are individuals who’ve been there, seen it, done it. Each is an accomplished, well-respected educator, dedicated to changing the way teachers teach, by researching how people learn and applying these theories and knowledge in the classroom.
Warner professors are passionate education professionals here to support you every step of the way. Close relationships with faculty are developed in the classroom, on research teams, through internship supervision, and beyond. Small class sizes ensure you work closely with your professors and your peers, getting the one-on-one instruction, advice, and advocacy you need to succeed.
A Close Community of Students Like You
Those attending Warner will experience a small, tight-knit community of like-minded people. You’ll learn alongside individuals who share common goals and interests, yet bring extremely unique, valuable perspectives to education. You will work closely with fellow students who will become your life-long colleagues in a quest to elevate the future of learning.
A Strong Commitment to Social Justice
One of the fundamental pillars of a Warner School education is a commitment to social justice and a keen recognition of a teacher’s responsibility to balance the social inequities of the learning environment. Warner students become very aware of social and racial inequalities, as well as socioeconomic issues, that impact a student’s ability to learn. Warner students are taught to be understanding and responsive to different learning styles, to adapt to diverse behaviors, and to be open to a wide spectrum of perspectives. As a result, they are driven to close the gap of social inequities, and build a supportive, engaging learning environment.
Students With a Higher Calling
Warner graduates aspire to a higher calling. A quest to inspire a greater level of learning. A commitment to achieve the utmost success for all students. A strong professional vision for the future of learning, backed by best teaching practices. Practices they’ve lived themselves, putting theories to the test, and executing lesson plans with students, rather than just reading about best practices in a textbook.

Warner graduates stand out – head and shoulders above their peers – from other teaching institutions, well prepared for a future in teaching and even better prepared for the future of learning.   That’s the Warner difference.  
Discover the Warner Difference.

New Graduate Entrance Exam Requirement for Teacher Applicants
New York State has approved and enacted a law that requires all colleges and universities with graduate-level teacher and educational leadership programs to require candidates to submit scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Miller's Analogy Test (MAT) or a substantially equivalent admission assessment, effective July 1, 2016. See full announcement to understand what is now required and how that impacts students starting in Summer and Fall 2016 and beyond.