international students

Helping With Your Transition

The first step in transitioning to your new academic life at the Warner School is the mandatory Warner Orientation.  All new international students must attend the International Student Orientation, which is held prior to the beginning of the semester.  This program addresses the cultural, social, and academic issues that help students transition to graduate school.

  • For spring start 2019, international orientation is January 14-15, classes begin on January 16.
  • For summer start 2019, international orientation is May 16-17, classes begin on May 20.
  • For fall start 2019, orientation is August 14-27, classes begin on August 28.

Orientation topics include: 

  • Academic Expectations:  Writing support, classroom protocols, grading system, academic presentations, and library and media resource support.
  • Cultural:  Practicing American idioms and language, traveling and shopping in and around Rochester, sharing favorite foods, diversity research, and harassment regulations on and off campus.
  • Social:  Professional baseball game, Happy Hour, meeting domestic and international Warner students, American celebrations, personal safety and how to negotiate the stresses of graduate school, historical tour of Rochester.
  • Immigration requirements, internship opportunities and support.

As part of the orientation program you will develop a program of study with your Academic Advisor. You may want to consider the following courses to assist with your academic transition to graduate school in the United States. 

The first two courses are offered fully online to international students during the summer, so they can be taken while you are still in your own country or traveling to get a stronger foundation and “jump start” to your Warner program.

We strongly recommend all international students attending a U.S. university for the first time to take EDU 414 in the first semester of study, as this course has been specifically designed to help international students become familiar with the norms and expectations of American universities, and to provide support in making the transition from different education systems.

EDF 444 is a field-based course designed to provide international students with additional experiences with American culture and educational systems, including opportunities to visit elementary and secondary schools, as well as other educational institutions.  EDF 444 can be taken multiple semesters if desired.

Interested students need to discuss with their advisor which of these courses can be used to meet program requirements and under what circumstances.