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Older man holding glassing and touching eyes like he has a headache


A resilience-building intervention to prevent late-life depression with vision loss

Research project

Quick facts

Director/PI: Silvia Sörensen

Collaborators: Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Flaum Eye Institute

Funding: Greater Rochester Health Foundation


This project aims to strengthens the capacity of older adults with vision loss to cope with current and future problems in order to prevent new depression symptoms and reduce current symptoms.

The project will enhance human development among adults aged 60+ who are at increased risk for persistent, untreated depression because of vision loss. It involves attending four vision education classes and six in-home preventive problem solving training visits. The Resilience Building Program is offered at no cost to vision patients and will be evaluated for effectiveness, feasibility of application in clinical context, and cost-savings.