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Older student reading to younger students

Project READ

A literacy program for at-risk students

Community initiative

Quick facts

Director/PI: Carol St. George

Collaborators: John James Audubon School 33 and East Upper & Lower Schools

Funding: Privately funded

Related Projects: ROC Reading Partners


Project READ, led by Carol St. George, School 33 and East Upper & Lower Schools teachers, and a team of Warner School of Education students who are studying to become teachers and literacy specialists, aims to build and strengthen children’s literacy learning and looks at literacy as it takes part in every aspect of every child’s life—from the classroom to home. The project’s goal is to help children approach any literacy task with confidence and ability so that they are able to read and write better and ultimately improve their school success. The team of educators and interns works directly with students at the school to develop literacy plans that work for and build on the strengths of each individual child. Using a planned strategic intervention — a balanced approach that consists of reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as authentic tests — they connect instruction to real-life literacy and opportunities in the real world.