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Upholding integrity in our academic pursuits

Upholding integrity in our academic pursuits

Dear students,

Recent headlines shedding light on data fraud and academic dishonesty in research serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of upholding the highest standards of integrity in our own academic pursuits. Although not within our own walls, it prompts a collective reflection of and recommitment to the fundamental principles that define our school community: openness, honesty and ethical conduct in both our research and teaching.

As a research school of education and human development, the integrity of our work in the social sciences and humanities is paramount. Our endeavors constitute a scientific pursuit—one that acknowledges inherent biases, yet it serves as an important reminder that we must confront and manage them responsibly.

In this digital age, we must also be vigilant in embracing the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our academic endeavors. As AI continues to impact the landscape of research and education, let us ensure that its integration aligns with the same commitment and integrity that we uphold in all aspects of our academic work. 

Let’s use this time to reinforce our dedication to the highest ethical standards, holding ourselves and each other accountable. The collective impact of our work significantly contributes to the broader academic community, resonating both within the University and beyond. 

I extend my gratitude for your unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity in every facet of your academic pursuits. 


Sarah Peyre, EdD
Dean, Warner School of Education