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Student Spotlight: Erika, MS in Mental Health Counseling

Erika, MS in Mental Health Counseling

Erika comes to the Warner School from Arizona with a prior doctoral degree in Spanish literature and a background in yogic traditions. At Warner, she’s working toward her master’s degree in mental health counseling and an advanced certificate in mind-body healing & wellness.
What did you do before coming to Warner?
I spent a year living and working as a yogi in residence before moving to Rochester. I served as a yoga and meditation teacher at different mindfulness communities and retreats across the country. Prior to that, I lived in China, where I worked as a lecturer and researcher of Spanish literature and culture.
Why mental health counseling?
My personal healing journey is at the core of my decision to change my career from academia to mental health counseling. Healing through connecting with others has helped me to deepen my relationship with my authentic self. I am called to do this work—to serve and give back what I have gained from communities and individuals that have helped me along the way.
Why Warner?
I was most drawn to the Mind-Body Healing and Wellness program and its emotions-focused approach to counseling. 
What does the future hold for you?
Ideally, I would like to go into a group practice, with like-minded individuals, where I can offer care to underserved populations and provide outreach support and education. In addition to the counseling services, I also plan to provide alternative healing practices in a community setting.