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New year, new mentoring possibilities

New year, new mentoring possibilities

Dear students,

With January being National Mentoring Month, now is the opportune time to make mentoring your resolution for the new year. If you’re like most graduate students, you’ve been working hard on your coursework, field experiences, and research this academic year. While that’s commendable, hopefully, you are also making time to connect and build relationships with others around you. Look for ways you can contribute as both a mentee and mentor.

As I reflect on all the great mentors who have had a profound impact on my life, I’ll share with you why mentoring matters. It provides a unique opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge, and abilities in a safe and supportive environment. It enables you to build trusting relationships and gain support from someone who shares similar experiences. Mentoring can help you gain insight, learn new strategies and ways of thinking, and develop the confidence to tackle problems and challenges. It can also provide guidance to help you reach your goals and full potential. Lastly, mentoring helps strengthen communities by building relationships, providing leadership opportunities, and creating a sense of belonging.

The University offers a meaningful mentoring opportunity for our students through the Meliora Collective Mentorship Program. It’s time to meet your mentorship match this year. Mark your calendar for January 25, when the Spring Mentorship Program Cycle opens for graduate students.

Make a resolution today to bring mentoring into your life. It’s worth it!


Sarah Peyre, EdD
Dean, Warner School of Education