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Human development alumna fosters connections through education

Fostering connections through education

A passionate graduate of the University of Rochester’s College of Arts and Sciences, Hope Havenhill ‘23W (MS), ’22 (BA) discovered her love for coaching as a varsity athlete. With a commitment to building meaningful connections through sports, she then sought a career aligned with those values.

During her time at the Warner School, Havenhill not only excelled academically but also immersed herself in community service. Volunteering locally, she says, “inspired her to work with children and serve the community through education.”

In the human development program at the Warner School, Havenhill established a clear sense of direction. The program’s flexibility and the unwavering support of the faculty allowed her to explore diverse interests and paved the way for a fulfilling career. 

“Since being at Warner, I’ve gained confidence in forging my own path and been given the space and support to create something entirely new,” Havenhill says.

Currently, Havenhill works as an elementary assistant teacher at a Montessori School in Wisconsin, where she imparts valuable lessons to children, emphasizing the importance of strengthening their connection with the natural world. Her time at Warner not only equipped her with the necessary skills but also provided valuable networking experiences, instrumental in securing her position as a dedicated educator.

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