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Breaking barriers: Accrediting higher education for inclusion with Martha Mock

Accrediting higher education for inclusion

There are approximately 300 higher education programs for students with intellectual disabilities across the United States. But currently, there is a lack of standardized accreditation systems in place for those programs.

On an episode of Accreditation Conversations, Martha Mock, professor and director of the Center for Disability and Education at the Warner School of Education and chair of Think College National Coordinating Center Accreditation Workgroup, shares what the workgroup has been doing to develop and launch the accrediting process, called Inclusive Higher Education Accreditation Council, for these students. She discusses the ins and outs of initiating an accreditation organization and the Importance of accreditation, especially for students with intellectual disabilities.

Listen to the podcast or watch the conversation on YouTube.

Mock has worked alongside and on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families as a teacher, professor and advocate for over three decades. She is widely known for her work in the area of college options for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is the co-founder of the New York Inclusive Higher Education Coalition, a group of colleges, agencies, and families interested in promoting inclusive higher education throughout New York State. Mock is on the editorial board of the Journal for Inclusive Postsecondary Education.