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Become a change agent in healthcare: EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership

Become a change agent in healthcare - EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership

Transformational changes are happening not only in the delivery of care, but in how we prepare the future generation of healthcare professionals. It’s in the implementation of AI, emphasis on patient safety through teamwork, system-based care and utilization.  The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving field that requires not only clinical expertise but also a deep understanding of education, organizational change and leadership in preparing future healthcare practitioners. To secure an academic or leadership position in healthcare, pursuing an EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership can help you stand out in a competitive market. 

“The science of learning needs to go hand in hand with the science of clinical care when preparing and educating healthcare professionals,” explains Dean and Professor Sarah Peyre, who co-directs the Health Professions Education Leadership graduate program at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education and Human Development.  “Hospitals are learning organizations – we are always striving to be “Ever Better” in our care delivery.  Education is the solution – to continue growing and learning.” 

Peyre adds that being an educational leader in healthcare is a tremendous opportunity to impact individuals, teams and systems. “There is a growing demand for educators, leaders and educational researchers who can help shape the future of healthcare and advance the field through scholarly contributions and innovative programs,” she says. “An EdD equips individuals with the expertise, skills and credentials to excel in both academic and leadership careers within healthcare. Whether their interests lie in teaching, research, or leading academic programs, an EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership can be a gateway toward success in healthcare academia.” 

If you’re looking to advance your career in healthcare toward an academic or leadership position, consider enrolling in an EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership graduate program. Read on to learn more about what you can do with this flexible doctorate.

What is an EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership

An EdD, or Doctor of Education, is a graduate program focusing on education and leadership in various fields. An EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership is a specialized program for individuals seeking academic and leadership roles in healthcare education, research and administration. This program combines the principles of education and healthcare, equipping graduates with the experience, knowledge and perspectives necessary to excel in healthcare academic and leadership positions. 

Benefits of pursuing an EdD

The greatest benefit of an EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership is that it can open the door to new academic and leadership roles in healthcare education. Earning a doctorate is an excellent way to take what you already know and use it to expand your skills. Here are five additional benefits of an EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership to consider: 

  1. Enhanced pedagogical skills. With an emphasis on pedagogical development, you will acquire a deep understanding of instructional methodologies, curriculum development, and assessment practices, specifically tailored to healthcare education, that facilitate meaningful learning experiences.
  2. Research expertise. Healthcare academic and leadership positions often require contributions to research and scholarship. Some EdD programs, like the Health Professions Education Leadership doctoral degree offered at the Warner School of Education, provide exciting research opportunities to work with faculty at the intersection of healthcare and education, allowing you to improve your research skills.
  3. Career advancement. Academic and leadership positions in healthcare institutions and universities are on the rise. With an EdD, you’ll stand out, making you more competitive for faculty roles, program directorships, and academic leadership positions at medical, dental and nursing schools and schools of education.
  4. Interdisciplinary knowledge. Healthcare education is a multidisciplinary field. With an EdD, you’ll be exposed to courses co-taught by highly credentialed, diverse and dynamic education and healthcare faculty who focus on an array of topics, including teaching in healthcare settings, clinical instruction methodologies, technology use in clinical environments, online course design, and social science research.
  5. Online learning opportunities. EdD programs attract healthcare professionals, educators, and researchers from diverse backgrounds nationwide and globally. Some graduate schools, like the Warner School, now offer fully online learning options, providing flexibility for working professionals — both near and far — to learn alongside and network with peers and professors from the Warner School of Education and the University of Rochester Medical Center. This allows you to pursue an advanced degree without disrupting your career and busy life. 

Is an EdD the right fit for you?

While obtaining an EdD in Health Professions Education Leadership offers numerous advantages, assessing if it aligns with your career goals is important. The doctoral program is best suited for: 

  1. Healthcare professionals: Practicing doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, physician assistants, physical therapists, and other healthcare specialists seeking academic positions within healthcare education institutions and universities.
  2. Educators: Individuals who are already engaged in healthcare education, aiming to advance their careers and gain a deeper understanding of educational leadership in an academic healthcare setting.
  3. Researchers: Those who are passionate about contributing to healthcare education advancement through rigorous research and scholarship.

If you are passionate about quality improvement and patient safety and want to implement educational change initiatives to upskill individuals and teams, this program is for you. Whether you are a current educator for students, residents, trainees or continuing education for professionals – by deepening your understanding of learning theory and developing leadership skills you can increase your impact in the healthcare system.

Get started today

If you want to advance your career toward a healthcare academic or leadership role, an EdD in Health Professions Education is a great way to open yourself to new opportunities. If you’re interested in a program like the Warner School’s EdD in Health Professions Education, consider contacting an admissions representative or the program chair to discuss any questions before enrolling.