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In pursuit of Meliora

Meliora. It's a Latin word pronounced mel-ee-OR-a. But what does it mean? Stated simply, it’s our motto and the heart of our mission: To make the world Ever Better.

Coupled with a drive for social justice, the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education and Human Development is making education and counseling just that - Ever Better.

New programs

Teachers, earn $15,000 toward tuition

ROC Urban Teaching Fellows Program and Monroe Regional Teacher Residency Consortium are paid teacher residency programs designed to collaboratively prepare and sustain skilled teachers to effectively serve the varied needs of students, families, and school communities.

  • 1 year paid teacher residency while studying
  • $15,000 toward tuition
  • Earn your Master's in Teaching with Initial Certification 

We learn better. We teach better.
We discover better. Ever Better.

We welcome applications on a rolling basis for MS, EdD, and Advanced Certificates. PhD's are accepted once per year, until December 15.

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