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Jeffrey Choppin

Jeffrey Choppin

Professor & Chair
Teaching & Curriculum
LeChase Hall 448
(585) 273-4913
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison (mathematics education)
MEd, University of Maryland, College Park (mathematics curriculum and instruction)
BA, University of Notre Dame (economics)

Jeffrey Choppin directs the mathematics education program at the Warner School. Building from his prior teaching experience in the Washington D.C. public schools, during which he was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, he teaches courses for prospective and current teachers that explore the teaching and learning of mathematics at the secondary level. His mathematics methods courses require participants to explore middle- and high-school mathematics topics in ways that emphasize conceptual understanding, connections between different ways to represent mathematical relationships, and the design of instructional tasks, with the goals of developing better understanding of mathematics as well as seeing mathematics from a learners’ perspective. The courses also explore the influence of institutional, social, and cultural factors on students’ opportunities to learn mathematics. He also teaches doctoral courses in curriculum theory and teacher education.

Choppin’s research currently focuses on teachers’ perceptions and uses of curriculum materials in the context of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). He is a principal investigator on a National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings grant entitled Developing Principles for Mathematics Curriculum Design and Use in the Common Core Era. The goal of the project is to develop principles for the development of teacher resources to help teachers better understand how to design instruction to address the CCSSM.
Choppin’s research also focuses on what teachers learn from using innovative curriculum materials, particularly with respect to teacher knowledge of how the materials develop student reasoning around key mathematical concepts. The context for his research includes classrooms that use curriculum materials that are designed to encourage students to actively participate in mathematics processes, such as problem-solving, communicating, and proving. His research links teachers’ discourse practices, their observations of student thinking, their understanding of the curriculum materials, and the ways their adaptations of curriculum materials enhance students’ opportunities to engage in mathematical practices. He is in the final year of a five-year NSF CAREER Grant that focuses on these topics.

Choppin also researches issues around discourse in mathematics classrooms and how discourse patterns can be responsive to a range of cultural and linguistic resources while also maintaining particular disciplinary qualities, especially around mathematical argumentation.

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EDF410M Field Experiences in Middle Childhood (Math)
EDF411M Field Experiences in Inclusive Middle Childhood Settings (Math)
EDF416M Field Experiences in Secondary Schools (Math)
EDF417M Field Experiences in Inclusive Secondary School Settings (Math)
EDF418M Student Teaching in Secondary Schools A (Math)
EDF419M Student Teaching in Inclusive Secondary School Settings A (Math)
EDF420M Student Teaching in Secondary Schools B (Math)
EDF421M Student Teaching in Inclusive Secondary School Settings B (Math)
EDU430 Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning Mathematics in Elementary School
EDU436 Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning Mathematics
EDU444 Implementing Innovation in Mathematics Education
EDU482 Integrating Mathematics and Literacy
EDU483 Integrating Mathematics and Technology
EDU522 Theory and Research in Learning
EDU526 Theory and Research in Curriculum and Change
ED571 Advanced Doctoral Seminar on Theory and Research in Teacher Education