EDU523 Theory and Research in Teaching

Designed to help doctoral students understand the depth and breadth of teaching as a field of study, examining the evolution of and current links between theory and research via four perpetually contested questions about teaching: (1) how is the work of teaching defined; (2) what are the relationships between teaching and the contexts in which it happens; (3) how do teachers learn and change; and (4) how are constructs of “good teaching” generated, evaluated, and advanced? Particular emphases include examining the consequences of different representations of teaching, including various culturally and contextually situated pedagogies, interpreting the constructs of and interactions between teachers’ identities and communities, and assessing the implications of policy and globalization on teaching and teachers.

Credits: 3
Offered: Spring
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: Doctoral students only
EDU 523 Theory and Research in Teaching course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.