EDU479 Promoting Mental Health in Midlife and Old Age

Focuses on challenges affecting psychological wellness that are commonly encountered in aging populations. Students consider the responses of older adults to socioeconomic constraints, grief and loss, chronic illness, retirement, changing identity, increasing dependency, loneliness, death and dying, and structural ageism. Attention is given to DSM-V diagnostic categories particularly germane to later life and to the unique manifestations of common mental disorders in aging adults. Students are introduced to assessments and intervention strategies specifically designed for use in older adults. Other topics germane to late life are explored, including assisted living, long-term care, and elder abuse.

Credits: 3
Offered: Spring (odd)
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: Open to students who are not matriculated in the counseling program and human development gerontological concentration only with permission of instructor
EDU 479 Promoting Mental Health in Midlife and Old Age course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.