EDE425 Introduction to Video Editing for Educational Research

This four-week hybrid course focuses on teaching project-based post-production concepts and techniques as most appropriate for researchers, instructors, staff, and community members who wish to leverage video editing to disseminate their findings, document projects, and better engage students. We will work asynchronously online in discussion boards, post video for peer review, and produce a final video project - which could be based on students' own raw footage or raw footage provided by the instructor. Students should be prepared to work with video editing software and provide their own external hard drive to store footage and projects. (Adobe Premiere is available on Mac in the Rettner 201 Media Lab.)

Credits: 1
Prerequisites: EDE 420 Introduction to Video Production for Educational Research
Restrictions: None
EDE 425 Introduction to Video Editing for Educational Research course information is subject to change, please check the latest schedule.